Orthopedic clothing is the core business area of the client which helps in increasing blood flow, decreasing diabetes and an aid in eliminating arthritis pain. 

The Challenges:

When we started with the campaign for this website it lacked visibility in search engine results for any of the relevant keywords. With this state the client was looking at driving a considerable amount of focused traffic to the website and to generate some leads. The main objectives were:

  1. Getting the website optimized for relevant keywords
  2. Improving the search engine rankings for the targeted keywords
  3. Increase the amount of relevant traffic coming to the website
  4. Increase the conversions and generate good amount of leads
Our Strategy:
  1. We began with a complete analysis of the website to check all pain areas. Followed by this was the strategy to analyze competition that was to be replaced in search engines.
  2. After completing the analysis creating the meta tags, keywords, and then the off-page activities was a must do plan.
  3. The keywords needed a lot of attention hence a strategy was used to work by dividing the keywords in tier 1 and tier 2 to focus on all.
The Result:
  1. Within three months the Traffic of the website got doubled.
  2. At the end of three months keywords which were not present even in top 100 had started to show up on first and second page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  3. The website responded well to our activities and started performing consistently as per the best industry benchmarks.
  4. The client started receiving leads as a result of our activities.
Some top ranking keywords are:
Keywords Baseline Rank Current Rank Position Jump
Compression Hose 20 1 19
Compression Hosiery 27 1 26
Compression Support Hosiery 9 3 6
Cotton Diabetic Socks 88 1 87
Juzo Stocking 48 4 44
Maternity Compression Hose 31 1 30
Maternity Support Hose 17 2 15
Sigvaris Stockings 53 3 50
Support Hosiery 3 2 1