The client aims at providing highest quality custom made stone embedded jewelry.

Company wanted ResultFirst to help with the following challenges:
  1. Getting good ranks for industry relevant keywords.
  2. Running an aggressive link building campaign.
  3. Getting an increased volume of traffic to the site.
We accepted the challenge, pulled our sleeves up and started off with:
  1. Keyword research for industry related keywords that could help in better return on investment.
  2. Efficient Link building campaign that would increase the website’s relevance on various search engines.
  3. Article syndication, correcting site designing flaws like broken links.
  1. Our efficient link building methodology has helped in increasing the popularity of the website.
  2. The website has achieved higher ranking for some of the keywords that listed nowhere in the search results.
  3. The average keyword ranking of targeted keywords has improved by 53% in 4 months.
Some top ranking keywords are:
Keywords Baseline Rank Current Rank Position Jump
Gemstone Engagement Rings 37 4 33
Gemstone Wedding Rings 20 2 18
Sapphire Engagement Rings 6 94
Sapphire Wedding Rings 51 4 47
Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings 33 4 29
Emerald Wedding Rings 34 2 32
Ruby Wedding Rings 28 2 26
Eco-friendly Engagement Rings 57 5 52