Social Media Marketing: Evaluating the Real Impact of Your Spend

Written By 27 October 2014 ~ Comments (0)

Social networking is the unarguably the next ‘big thing’ in the realm of digital marketing, connecting businesses with close to 2 billion users from around the world, and counting. Consequently, every technologically-blessed business is making every possible effort in order to capitalize on the immense opportunities represented by popular social platforms, dedicating a substantial portion…

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15 Best Comment Designs Trends for Web Designers in 2014-2015

Written By 09 October 2014 ~ Comments (3)

Comment section of a blog is a standard feature; however, very few people pay attention to it. However, a few blog designers have created comment sections that make their blogs look exceptional and provide additional functionality. In this article, we will focus on 15 best comment design trends that web designers can use to make…

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Everything Marketers Need To Know About the Future of Website Design

Written By 25 September 2014 ~ Comments (0)

There are some things that are so obvious and rigid that they do not change much even after a decade or two. Then, there are others identifying trends of which is extremely difficult. The future of website design falls under the latter category. Identifying current trends in web designing is like hitting a constantly moving…

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Can Mobile Marketing Help B2B Companies To Expand Customer Reach?

Written By 22 September 2014 ~ Comments (0)

Considering the number of mobile users these days, it is not wrong to say that it is time for B2B businesses to become a part of mobile marketing revolution.  According to a recent research, B2B organizations allocated mere 1.7% of their marketing budget for mobile ads, less than 0.7% for sending SMSs, and around 1.4%…

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How Businesses can Retain eCommerce Customers

Written By 17 September 2014 ~ Comments (0)

Attracting your prospects through an advertising campaign is just a half task completed, turning them into a customer and retaining them is another ball game altogether. It is well-said that the best customer for any business is the one it already has; however, in today’s competitive world developing and maintaining a loyal customer base is…

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