Lead Generation for B2B Business is Changing: Is your Business Ready?

Written By 26 August 2014 ~ Comments (0)

In life, or in the corporate world, one thing that is constant is change! Everything from customer behavior to marketing strategies keep changing with time, making it important for business owners to remain updated and create new strategies. Like numerous marketing techniques, the process of lead generation for B2B businesses has also changed. Previously, the…

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How to Gain Top Positions on Major Search Engines | ResultFirst

Written By 25 August 2014 ~ Comments (0)

The customers have changed today and so are their expectations from your business. Online marketing is becoming competitive these days and gaining customers’ attention is also getting difficult. The constant changes by Google have made it tough for business owners to be visible on the major search engines. Due to this, businesses are finding it…

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4 Points To Remember While Creating B2B Content

Written By 19 August 2014 ~ Comments (0)

Content sharing is easy, sharing content that reaches maximum prospects is difficult. Today, we have numerous social networking websites to promote a blog or a website; however, content sharing should be done in a manner so that it does not look like a traditional business message, even for B2B enterprises. Blame it on unawareness, or…

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Dos & Don’ts of #HASHTAGS#: Understand the Etiquette

Written By 13 August 2014 ~ Comments (0)

We live in a world that is consumed by social media. According to recent reports, an average of 58 million tweets is shared every day. This undoubtedly makes Twitter a social media giant, allowing anyone with basic knowledge of computers to share instant information in just 140 characters or less. Considering the number of tweets,…

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B2B Online Marketing Strategy: What you need to keep in Mind

Written By 11 August 2014 ~ Comments (0)

When it comes to creating a successful marketing strategy, it becomes extremely important to understand your target audience and know exactly what they are looking to buy. Although, the ultimate aim of both B2B and B2C organizations is to maximize sales and returns, it is extremely important to understand that the prospects for both types…

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Why Your Business Website Needs to be Responsive

Written By 05 August 2014 ~ Comments (1)

The world is constantly changing. From heavy desktop computers to sleek mobile phones, the modes of communication have not just improved, they have transformed completely. Considering the population of mobile phones users, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile commerce will take over e-commerce within a few years. Consumers are different and so are…

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