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ResultFirst.com is a performance based SEO service provider which is determined to provide exceptional SEO Services which guarantee high page-ranks and an increased inflow of business. We work under our brainchild, Pay for Performance, which ensures low-cost, high ROI services and zero-risk, as you pay us only when your website ranks.

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Google Keyword Planner Tool: What’s New?

After about a year of replacing its ‘Keyword Tool’ with a more capable ‘Keyword Planner’, Google has released an updated version of the tool. This brief post discusses the new features that the search giant has added to Keyword Planner and what they translate into for online marketers and businesses. Keyword research is an integral [...]

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What Is Search Engine Optimization and Why Is It Important: A Dummies Guide


Current Scenario – The Reason for the Rise of SEO The evolution of webosphere has transformed every conceivable aspect of human existence, with people turning to the virtual platform to fulfill all types of requirements, ranging from everyday tasks such as buying credit for their mobile phones to more serious requirements, such as buying insurance [...]

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SEO Tutorial: How Web Hosting Affects your SEO

An eccentric fact about selecting a web-hosting provider is – you won’t get boost in ranking if you pick a great one, however, selecting a wrong provider can have grave consequences. Changing a web hosting company is something that most webmasters are likely to consider at some point. However, selecting a web-hosting provider is not [...]

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The Fall of Guest Blogging – Matt Cutts Says No to Guest Blogging for SEO

It’s Matt Cutts again! This time, it is about guest blogging for SEO. The recent update by Google has given a clear warning to the marketers that guest blogging for search engine optimization and link building is dead. However, a common question lingering in the mind of webmasters and content developers all over the world [...]

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New Google Maps – Change the Way you see the World

In May 2013, Google released Google Maps interface for desktop. Since then, Google Map’s team improved performance, added missing features and fixed bugs. One year later, in 2014, we have the new Google Maps that replaces the classic interface and promises to provide an extraordinary experience. A personalized map helps the users make smarter decisions [...]

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SEO Strategies in 2014: Setting Your Priorities Right!

When we talk about SEO, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. This is because of the fact that the SEO campaigns and techniques may vary between nature of business, industries, business models and company’s marketing budget. However, one factor remains true for every business – the prioritization of SEO strategies. Search engine algorithms change with time, [...]