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ResultFirst.com is a performance based SEO service provider which is determined to provide exceptional SEO Services which guarantee high page-ranks and an increased inflow of business. We work under our brainchild, Pay for Performance, which ensures low-cost, high ROI services and zero-risk, as you pay us only when your website ranks.

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6 Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas For The Mother’s Day

Knock! Knock! Mother’s Day is coming in the very next month, and people have started planning to make this day special and memorable for their mothers, grandmothers, spouses, sisters, daughters, relatives, and friends. Being engaged in business, what are you planning to make the most of this coming Mother’s Day? If you haven’t planned anything […]

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Techniques That Improve Page Load Speed of Your Website


It is an era where everything is running at faster pace to avoid unnecessary wastage of time. Everyone loves speed and it has been observed in the case of websites too. While searching for the information, online audiences avoid those websites that usually take more time and love to revisit the websites that load in […]

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Facebook Instant Articles: What Marketers Need To Know

Unarguably, technological advancement has changed the face of modern day marketing. For instance, recently Facebook launched optimized “Like” button that dramatically reduced negative comments for the business posts people don’t like as they start giving “Angry” reactions to such posts. Several coveted companies who promote their brands on Facebook got the biggest benefit of this […]

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Impact of Voice-based Search on Modern SEO


The advent of smartphones has unarguably changed the future of digital marketing. Google’s mobile-friendly updates compel companies to accept the fact that mobile is the future. Thus, companies across the world are now keeping mobiles on their radar to shape up their digital marketing strategies. SEO, a critical and an integral part of digital marketing […]

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Things You Need To Know About Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Smartphones have completely changed the way of accessing information. Having surpassed desktops and laptops regarding online searches, smartphones have become the prime focus of every business entity and technology groups. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the outcome of the influence of information search via smartphones. The term AMP has grabbed the attention worldwide; however, not […]

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Facebook’s Optimized “Like” Button: More Refined Responses for Your Business Posts

With 1.5 billion monthly users, Facebook has captured all the limelight on the social front. It is also one of the most visited social sites every day. While users have been demanding a “dislike” button for years, Facebook seemed too reluctant to give into their demands; however, it did partially agreed to their opinion and […]