Dos & Don’ts of #HASHTAGS#: Understand the Etiquette

Written By 13 August 2014 ~ Comments (0)

We live in a world that is consumed by social media. According to recent reports, an average of 58 million tweets is shared every day. This undoubtedly makes Twitter a social media giant, allowing anyone with basic knowledge of computers to share instant information in just 140 characters or less. Considering the number of tweets,…

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Video Marketing – Let ‘Motion Pictures’ Speak For Your Business

Written By 20 January 2014 ~ Comments (0)

As we move into 2014, one thing is definite – video is the future of content marketing! Hence, it is imperative for marketers and business owners to get a grip on what this means for the success of their business and content strategy. The 2013 stats show that some business owners are already using video…

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3 Social Media Tactics That Work in 2013

Written By 16 September 2013 ~ Comments (0)

Social media hardly converts your visitors into customers. Email, proclaimed as dead by many, is better than social media when it comes to conversions. Does this, deep down, resonate with you? See, social media is all about consistent efforts and creativity. If you don’t have a social strategy, you’ll fail. And if your strategy includes…

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Preparing For The Be All And End All Social

Written By 11 June 2013 ~ Comments (0)

After Google’s Web-spam head Matt Cutts, in the fall of 2010, said that Google looks at social signals as an important factor in ranking a site, businesses became more and more conscious about their social media campaigns. However, much before that social media had been exploited for many, many purposes: expanding reach, building community, improving…

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Microsoft gets heavy volume from Facebook for AOL patents

Written By 10 May 2012 ~ Comments (0)

As per the source, Microsoft will get $550 million cash from Facebook, because hundreds of patents are being sold by AOL. This is an attempt from the social networking company in order to give volume to the lawsuit by Yahoo related to intellectual property right. Previously, the deal was related to have the largest initial…

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A Peek-a-boo into YouTube Analytics and its predecessor Insight

Written By 06 February 2012 ~ Comments (1)

A Peek-a-boo into YouTube Analytics and its predecessor Insight • Discover the videos that drive the most views as well as subscriptions. • Get a better idea of your content and audiences, with the aid of more detailed information. • Make use of the new audience retention report and find out how far a video…

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