SEO Tips for 2014: Tips, Projections and Factors to Consider

Written By 23 July 2014 ~ Comments (0)

Customer behavior has changed and so is their approach to shopping. Today, they are using multiple channels to reach your business, purchase a product or avail services. This makes it important to create a visible presence online. However, considering the frequency of updates by Google, it has become important optimize your website and keep yourself…

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Content and SEO: Interrelation and Its Benefits 

Written By 22 July 2014 ~ Comments (0)

No matter how clichéd does it sound, the fact cannot be denied that content is definitely the king. While businesses focus on sales and investment returns, the major search engines such as Google wants to ensure that e-business owners are creating best possible user experience and offering relevant information to the readers. Investing in original and…

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Search Marketing: What is the future of SEO & Inbound Marketing ?

Written By 18 July 2014 ~ Comments (0)

In the world of uncertainty, it won’t be wrong to say that change is the only constant. However, no one can predict the future, knowing what’s going to happen right before it happens gives you a strategic advantage over others. Today, online business marketing strategy clearly depends upon numerous factors including latest updates by major…

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Why SEO Is Important for B2B Business?

Written By 17 July 2014 ~ Comments (0)

The prospects of B2B and B2C companies are different and so is their approach to marketing. While a lot of B2C businesses implement occasional campaigns and strategies, B2B companies use proven marketing strategies to make the most of their search engine marketing campaigns.  Apart from basic marketing, optimizing your websites according to search engines is extremely…

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How Much is a #1 Google Ranking Worth to Your Business?

Written By 16 July 2014 ~ Comments (1)

The moment you decide to take advantage of digitalization of various activities happening in the world these days and use the power of the web to enhance customer reach and market your business, then only you will come to know about the level of competition in the digital market. Online advertising has become extremely beneficial…

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