Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: All You Need to Know

Written By 07 July 2014 ~ Comments (0)

What is CASL? The commission (CRTC) has published the final regulations and Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement related to Canada’s anti-spam legislation. The Act is aimed at protecting the interest of Canadian citizens, while allowing businesses to continue to compete in the global marketplace. On January 15, 2015, sections of the Act related to the unsolicited installation of computer…

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Smart Tactics to Combine SEO and Content Marketing for Improved Traffic

Written By 27 June 2014 ~ Comments (0)

When it comes to marketing an online business, numerous factors should be considered because no approach works single-handedly. For improved traffic, it is important to select the best possible combination and make the most of it. Content marketing and SEO fall in the similar category. If you observe, it is not wrong to say that…

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How Mobile Ready is Your Business?

Written By 18 June 2014 ~ Comments (0)

Why be mobile ready? In the US alone, 271 million people own a smartphone or tablet, with 95% of them using their device to perform local searches. The rapidly increasing base of smartphone users translates into a huge base of prospective customers for all businesses, and it’s only a northwards journey from here. Thus, it…

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Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0: Commotion Galore in Google’s Stable

Written By 10 June 2014 ~ Comments (0)

Google, after just two months of releasing “major algorithm flux trackers and webmaster chatter”, has stirred the digital marcom industry once again. Although the implementation of these reforms wasn’t formally announced, this time, the search major has confirmed two major updates – the good old Panda is back in a more stringent 4.0 avatar, along…

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