Google Set to Tweak SSL Search Referrer Data

Written By 02 May 2012 ~ Comments (1)

The Google algorithm is currently the main criterion for webmasters to achieve better online presence through building organic search rankings. Though Google has been continually modifying the algorithm it uses to rank websites, some approaches to the algorithm are still outdated, and pertain to the first generation of the algorithm. This is creating more difficulties…

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Google Pulls the Plug on 800,000 Online Marketers

Written By 18 April 2012 ~ Comments (0)

It is undeniable that spamming is one of the biggest challenges to efficient online marketing. Unfortunately, despite this fact, various marketers try to take advantage of the potential held by the online marketplace using black hat website optimization techniques. This includes stuffing keywords in the website content, using extra back-links, and similar unethical solutions aimed…

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Bing and Google’s Search Engine Share Up, February 2012: .com Score

Written By 12 April 2012 ~ Comments (0)

The number of users relying on the services of web search engines plays a pivotal role in deciding their overall abilities to produce relevant search results. As per a recent report, the number of users of both Bing and Google are rising, changing the .com score of the websites listed on their directories by a…

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