Assessing the Challengers

In today’s internet driven era, every organization is leveraging all feasible options to drive more customers through the door. Hence, unless you are completely aware of what all your competitors are doing, your investment on SEO may not yield the desired results. That is the reason SEO is no longer restricted to link building, on-page and off-page optimization, and website architecture.

Creating a Failsafe SEO Strategy

Promising high ROI and unmatched value for every cent, we conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis before initiating your website’s SEO campaign. After the completion of the initial keyword research, we identify your standing in the industry and formulate a tailored SEO campaign to help you outshine your competitors.
This phase includes –

  1. Discovery of competitors
  2. Tracking competitor rankings
  3. Competitor keyword analysis
  4. Discovering competitor strategies
  5. Discovering potential backlinks
  6. Tracking competitor websites
  7. Tracking inbound link growth
Kick Off

To initiate competitor analysis, we create a list of your top competitors and segregate them based on their competitiveness. During the course, we also identify top industry associations in your company and research top companies listed as members, and resort to every possible option for your inclusion.

Periodic Surveillance

Once the initial competitor analysis is complete, we follow up with periodic revisits to ensure that our efforts are channeled in the right direction. We determine how the strategies of your competitors is evolving and closely examine all critical aspects of their website in order to get a clear view of how your website stands in the league.