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“We have been using ResultFirst – Tangence for a few months already and we are very pleased with the quality of service, effectiveness, and timeliness in the performance that we have seen so far. Our ranking has dramatically increased in a very short period of time on certain keywords. We will continue using their service for the foreseeable future.The team at ResultFirst – Tangence is incredible because they are very responsive, detailed and offer the best strategies to optimize our website and to rapidly increase our ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. On top of that, their compensation is based on performance which not only motivates them to deliver strong results but makes us feel comfortable about paying for results.

We would recommend ResultFirst – Tangence to any online site out there looking to rapidly improve their ranking on search engine via SEO.”

— Ethan


“I wanted to write you a few words of appreciation. For the past 15 months that we have been working with ResultFirst, we have noticed improvement in our keyword rankings. It was easy for us to decide to continue with ResultFirst in the New Year. We appreciate knowing that your team has our best interest in mind and works very hard on our behalf. Thank you for helping Holt International is more effective in carrying out its vision of finding families for children.”

— Sally Dougherty, M.S. Family Relations Director
— Holt International Children’s Services


“We would like to thank ResultFirst for taking our SEO program to the next level. They have helped us rank high for important keywords and enjoy a upper hand over our competitors. I am happy to work with ResultFirst and we form a great team! ”

— Dario Nul, Dexclusive


“I get calls all the time from “Internet Marketing” companies touting their services, but something about ResultsFirst made me perk up and listen. I was impressed with the idea of a pay-for-performance model, as I had been burned in the past. After much deliberation, I hired them. I can honestly say hiring ResultsFirst was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The staff is helpful and friendly and the sales on my new site are growing, growing and growing every month. It’s been an exciting ride.”

— Michelle M. Rahm,


“I am very pleased with the results of my SEO campaign so far. I had worked with another SEO company prior to this and it took those over 6 months to move one key word up to page 2 results. You have moved several of them in 60 days!!!! That’s great.”



” We (Skire) are pleased with the results you’ve achieved on our SEO project. As we look at our key search terms and our performance from April through June, it’s clear that your work is paying off. We look forward to continued progress.”



” It was a pleasure speaking with you today. I want to express my gratitude to you and your staff for a job well done. I am extremely happy with your service, and how very pleased with how you and your associates maintain contact with me and see that I am on the first couple of pages on the internet.”



“The rankings look correct. I think we started with a higher baseline for personal statements but that doesn’t impact how much we pay you because there has been a substantial improvement for that keyword from the look of things. I’ll send this on to our finance folks. Nice job.”



“I am satisfied in seeing improvements in the past month. I also appreciate the responsiveness and flexibility of service and your company’s willingness to work with us to get a deal we can confidently agree to.”



“I am very pleased with the results we have received so far with Tangence. Even though it has only been a few months, we have already seen a few keywords break the top 10 and even top 5 for search engine ranking results. We are also showing significant improvement in other keywords which are climbing fast. The staff at Tangence is very responsive and cares about making sure we are a happy customer.”



” We would like to thank Tangence for all the services they have provided to us. Since the start of our contract, the team of their professionals were easy to reach and prompt in their responses, our website has come from obscurity to first and second page on Google within no time. They provide comprehensive updates which are very useful for us, easy to follow and clearly quantifying the benefit of their services. After the success of our first website with them we are ready to put in more business with them as every penny spent with them is worth. Their research in the area is very vast and all the staff has good knowledge on the keywords. We would highly recommend their services specially the SEO to everyone who wants a good web presence.”



“I wanted to let you of our appreciation of the services you and your team have performed to date. Our key words are quickly gaining momentum and we look forward to our key search words being on the first page. We at Costa Vita Properties would have no hesitation in recommending your services.”



“Optimization was done for our US, German and Italian websites. We weren’t expecting such a great result. Especially for our Italian website which ranks 1st for “PLC teleassistenza”. After three months, we have seen a dramatic increase in the proportion of traffic coming from Google Search Engine (organic) which has led to an increase of web leads. It really does pay to invest in SEO with ResutlFirst!”



“I would like to take the opportunity to appreciate you and your team’s great work. You have gotten Tran & Associates very high ranking on Google, and as a result we have seen new business opportunities. Based on your suggestions, we have enhanced the sites, and with the microsite optimization, we expect to have even greater success with your team.”



“Altogether, my experience with Results First was both positive and memorable and I will always have them in mind when I approach future projects and offer services to future clients. ”



“I am very satisfied with the work performed by you and of course the whole staff that works with you. I have notice that our keywords are now ranking and we look forward in working with you and your team in the over the following months. We appreciate the hard work put in to this and we also hope that our company keeps getting to the front of the line like the rest of our competitors.”



“I’ve worked with many SEO companies in the past only to be disappointed. ResultFirst is by far the best SEO Company I’ve ever worked with and has done exactly what they said they would do. They give me in depth reports each month telling me what was done along with ranking updates. They have great customer service and have raised my rankings to top 3 for some of my most competitive keywords. It’s a great feeling when someone actually knows what they’re doing and ResultFirst knows SEO.”



“We are very happy with the service we have received from Tangence. Our organic website traffic is up, which means we have more visitors and more buyers than ever and we are very happy. We are ranking very well for our main keywords and we could not have done that without the hard work of the team at Tangence. We are very thankful to have found Tangence for the team’s hard work.”



“Although we just started working with ResultFirst a few months ago, we are already seeing results on our targeted keywords. Many of our keywords are ranking on the first 2-3 pages of Google and we just started. The rankings are improving each month and we expect to be on the top of the first page soon. The staff at ResultFirst is easy to work with and they are very prompt in responding to calls and emails. I highly recommend their services.”



“Tangence gets results; they have steadily improved my ranking in search engines from nowhere five months ago to the first and second page for all of my selected key words. This is quite an achievement considering that there are millions of competing pages vying for position. I would recommend their services to those seeking a good SEO.”



“I wanted to write you to let you know how completely satisfied I am with the service Tangence has provided for my company’s search engine optimization. I was unsure if your company could accomplish results at first but wanted to give you a trial. After many months I keep watching our organic search engine results in Google and Bing rise continually. Our higher placement in the organic listings has enabled our company to decrease our dependency on pay-per-click advertising realizing an overall savings in our online advertising budget, while actually increasing our web site visitor count and order conversion.

I look forward to expanding our relationship and adding additional search terms in the coming months. Tangence has proven to be a smart choice for our online business – with results which exceeded all expectations.”



“I have a website that looks good and has great products that people want. But, this all means nothing if the website cannot be found by the customer. I have struggled through the years paying for every customer to come to my site. This strategy brought me sales but not enough to give a return on my investment on the clicks. I then realized that my only choice is to work on helping customers find my site naturally through search engines. I attempted to make my site better for SEO but ultimately could not do enough on my own to make a difference. I was afraid to just dump money to a company that claimed they would “make a difference” and not be sure if they would or not. Then I came across ResultFirst. The name said it all… I have since realized that there is no way that I could have done this myself. They provide me great documentation of all progress, and updates of the work they are actually doing and what is even better is that they do all of the changes and updates to the site for you! They have been very attentive and respond in a timely manner. I have been very happy with my decision to work with ResultFirst and would highly recommend them to any website trying to be seen by their customers.”



“I (Steve Johnson) am very happy with the work that Results First – Tangence has done for me. Their team has done quality work for me and my ranking for a number of keywords have improved. This has all been done within a couple months. I highly recommend this company to provide quality work for anyone looking to improve their ranking on keywords. They also provide many other services that I think are just as good. ”



“I have just been looking at some of the chosen keywords for I am delighted to see the keywords climbing in position for natural searches. Some, I am finding in the first position on the page. I want you to know how exciting it is to see this happening. i know how much hard work you have all put into the rankings for Your experience and knowledge of the SEO system is now beginning to be realized in natural searching. Thanks so much! Your work is much appreciated.”



“I became skeptical when first researching SEO companies because it seemed everyone wanted large sums of money in exchange for lofty promises. This is why the Results First ‘pay-for-performance’ model appealed to me. I figured a company truly confident in their SEO abilities would be willing to put their time and effort where their mouth is. Within 5 months, my product’s website went from NOT registering on Google to the very FIRST page for several high quality/traffic keywords. As a result, my sales have doubled – yes doubled – within the last month and I expect 10x the current sales volume once the SEO is at fruition. True to their name, Results First has performed beyond my wildest expectations in nearly every way. Thank you!”



“I have been using ResultFirst for two months now, and have been surprised with the speed at which several keyword phases have improved rank on organic search results. Their techniques appear to be legitimate, and do not involve any practices that could hurt an online business. I had checked with one of their large clients before I hired them, and that client confirmed a two-year relationship that had been entirely satisfactory. So far, my experience has been good, and I can recommend this group to anyone wishing to improve their internet presence.”



“We would like to thank Tangence for all the services they have provided to us. Since the start of our contract, the team of their professionals were easy to reach and prompt in their responses, our website has come from obscurity to first and second page on Google within no time. They provide comprehensive updates which are very useful for us, easy to follow and clearly quantifying the benefit of their services. After the success of our first website with them we are ready to put in more business with them as every penny spent with them is worth. Their research in the area is very vast and all the staff has good knowledge on the keywords. We would highly recommend their services specially the SEO to everyone who wants a good web presence.”



“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you and your team how impressed we have been with your responsiveness to our needs as a client of ResultFirst. While we had some challenges at the initial launch of our website, we always felt that you and your team were working to help us resolve the situation, which ultimately was. We are assured for a successful relationship moving forward and believe with the insight of your team, the search engine results we desire will become a reality! Thanks again for the work you have done for us and in advance for what we can accomplish together. ”



“I wanted to thank you and your team for an outstanding work to optimize and put us on top in Google and other search engines. For the past 10 years, we have many team worked with us but we never had conclusive results. I think we were able to achieve the goal of seeing many of our keywords on the first page not only because your team has the technical know-how but also the consultative approach you took to address each keyword and make suggestive changes to our web site.”



“In our collaboration with Tangence, we have found the team is committed and dedicated to the work that they are proud to provide. With our professional needs and concerns consistently evolving, it does seem that the level of service rendered seeks to mirror that. MCA looks forward to the furtherance of this partnership with Tangence, and their continued efforts to satisfy and exceed demands. – Mortgage Compliance Advisors, LLC”



“We were pleased to learn that not only can Results First handle our SEO work, that they also could assist with web page layout and design. Our contact person was willing to go above and beyond the original scope of work in order to give us a clean and professional design which was exactly what we had hoped for. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Peter Kmyta, Compechek Market Research.”



“Putting faith in ResultFirst’ services, has been the best business step taken by us so far. Their top-class execution capabilities, experienced team and quick deliverance of results make them our top-rated, preferred, outsourced business partner.”

— Ronnie James Dio, Operations Head

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