Association of Data Science with Digital Marketing

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“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” – Albert Einstein

Everything we do now involves different ways of technology that collects data about humans and their behavioral patterns.

Decision making these days is data-driven, and thus it is of utmost importance that we don’t just determine how well the strategy worked, but analyze whether the results are significant or not. Over the years, this has led to a more scientific approach to testing, and an increase in demand for technical skills, such as data analysis, statistics, Google Analytics and data science.

Although data science skills aren’t necessary to be a Digital Marketer, they will perhaps help us analyze and provide a better understanding of the data, so that we can make data-driven business decisions and, in a way improving marketing strategy and overall performance.

Using Data Analysis and finding trends in these fun and clever ways is a perfect example of infusing Data Science into the multitudes and spreading awareness in the futuristic cohort.

Most of us do not monitor how frequently we use and produce data on a regular basis. Our infographics break down the data and dive deep into how it is going to multiply, and how it will affect our Digital Marketing future.

A huge lump of promotion nowadays is fixated on brands that convey notices to customers on a journey to impact their obtaining inclinations. A move from controlling clients to controlling calculations is the eventual fate of advanced advertising. It is something that is quickly becoming a fighting ground in information and learning that can be won only via careful execution of information-driven scientific exercises.

An analysis from Xeler8 Start-up Dashboard tells us that of the 400 analytics firms in India, almost 26 per cent firms belong to the Marketing domain, spread across several horizontals like Social media analytics, Campaign analytics, Sentiment analytics, Customer lifecycle management, Web analytics, Speech analytics along with all-inclusive solutions (comprising those offering a range of services around marketing).

The pulsating landscape has about 100 firms with more than 55 percent incorporated from in 2010 or later, thereby, witnessing the mounting advent of start-ups in this domain. These nascent entrepreneurial ventures have been housing upon their strength in evolving horizontals like Social media analytics, Campaign, and Mobile analytics by leveraging on the well-connected and global market to map customer sentiments and preferences to guarantee a better ROI on their marketing expenditure. The web has become a game-changing vertical in the world today, and virtually all the customers are utilizing the power of social media to gain a competitive edge, and lately, it has only given a significant push to this high volume.

Recent Trends in Data Science

Facebook has formed a Data Science research department, with its own Facebook page and website. Facebook’s project in Data Science is significant for the business’s continued growth; nonetheless, it also provides infographics, and data analysis for the masses, comprising of a research piece on NFL Fan Friendship’s on Facebook.

Twitter has also fashioned a Data Science hub. The @TwitterData handles stock infographics and links it to infographics that they have already generated from trending twitter instants, and contemporary discussions.

Coming years will be a new season of achieving clients through information-driven routes and as more advertisers are hoping to get an edge, a sound comprehension of their objective market portion, prospect clients, and their purchasing conduct. The future will see a move in past patterns to more data-driven crusades, sponsored by bits of knowledge drawn from geographical location and examination.

Adopting an area driven strategy to advertising and retail in 2018 will enable organizations to settle on better information-driven choices and increment their primary concern. Embracing the prescribed forecasts in 2019 will allow retailers, advertisers, and publicists to explore the changing scene more than ever.

  • Differentiating cost techniques at the purchaser item level and enhancing values through enormous information has become increasingly achievable.
  • Significant information examination expands advertisers’ capacity to get past crusade execution and spotliht on the best way to make client connections more effective.
  • Optimizing offering methodologies and go-to-showcase designs utilizing geo-examination are beginning to occur in the Digital business.

Best Opportunities to Capitalize On

  • Try to nurture a shared understanding medium for your customers
  • Segmenting your customer base also plays an imperative role.
  • Engaging your consumers over multiple channels can be beneficial.
  • Staying up-to-date with your social media content is the key.
  • Tapping the real-time client sentiment is necessary

Most of the best marketing campaigns depend on data analysis to strengthen client loyalty; track consumer behavior, fast-track conversion proportions, and drive ROI.


The term data science may be overused and often misused, but it isn’t a cliché. Marketing today is inherently data-driven, and hence, the use of data science can be game changing, especially in digital marketing. From advertising and content to pricing and predictions, data science and big data give us the opportunity to utilize the problematic data sets that we have, effectively and efficiently, else we’ll be swimming in figures, demographic numbers and so on.  Every social media post or any promotional content that goes on the internet contains a goldmine of data. Sentiment analysis can help you unravel everything from what your customers are feeling about a recent campaign without having to go through every nuance. With the help of analysis, organizations can understand who in the social media world is talking about the business and who the high profile users are.

The path to effective marketing is becoming challenging by the day, and marketers need to leverage data and technology to make sure that their marketing efforts do not fall in vain. What’s the solution? Data Science.

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