Google Has Announced to Launch Helpful Content Update

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Google Helpful Content Update

Google has announced a new search algorithm update, called Helpful Content Update. With this, Google will give more valuable results to content created for people than those that have been crafted primarily for organic traffic.

The goal is to help people find more original, helpful, and quality content.

Google Search Central (formerly Webmasters) has announced the launch of this algorithm update on Twitter:

Helpful Content Update

What is Google’s Helpful Content Update?

Google Helpful Content Update aims to reward content written for readers and downgrade content written for search engines. The goal is to help people find relevant and quality content. Google will target sites that have content created to rank well in search engines instead of informing people.

The search engine has announced the launch of this algorithm update on Twitter:

 “Next week, we will launch the “helpful content update” to ensure people see original, helpful content written by people, for people. The content will not be made primarily for ranking well in search engines.


Typically, people get disappointed when their search effort brings unhelpful and irrelevant websites that rank well on search engine results pages. With this update, no low-quality content that fails to meet a user’s expectations can rank in search.

When will the helpful content update roll out?

As stated by Google, the update will begin to roll out next week. The full rollout may take approximately two weeks.

What types of content can be impacted?

The Helpful Content Update may or may not target any particular niche. However, the types of content related to shopping, technology, online educational materials, arts, and entertainment may be affected.

Google is emphasizing these specific niches because the content in these areas has historically been more what we call “SEO content,” or “search engine-first content” than people-friendly content.

With Google ‘Helpful Content Update,’ people will be able to get unique information and better results. Also, they will find something that they might not have read before.

A Sitewide Algorithm Update

Contrary to the lately-launched product review update that targets specific pages, the ‘Helpful Content Update’ is sitewide. It means it can impact all pages.

The search engine may evaluate whether your entire site has a high amount of unhelpful content for ranking in search. If so, your whole website can be impacted.

To maintain the ranking of other content, removing unhelpful content from your site may work. Here is what Google Search Central mentions:

The Helpful Content Algorithm Update sounds much like the previous Panda update. Initially, the update is applicable to English-language searches only but may expand to other languages. It could be an ongoing effort to eliminate low-quality content. And it can be easy to rank for content that sounds authentic and useful.

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