11 PPC Best Practices to Avoid Overspending and Increase Revenue

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Are you not able to make the most from your PPC campaigns?

Deep down, do you feel like quitting it? That it’s getting you nothing? That it’s taking you nowhere?

Don’t worry. Here we discuss is designed to help bring your PPC back to track so you can avoid leaking money and grow revenue.


  • Set clear goals so you know what you’re targeting to achieve through your campaign.
  • Leverage all match types and negative keywords.
  • Make sure your PPC ad copy is terribly relevant to your target audience and has USP and call to action.
  • Make your landing page simple, user-friendly, relevant, and compelling.
  • More importantly, use a landing page rather than sending your users to your home page.
  • Use geographical targeting to avoid unnecessary wastage of your money.
  • Take care of budgeting and have someone crosscheck the data for you.
  • Don’t just focus on Adwords, leverage Bing Ads too.
  • Invest in remarketing, for it has great potential. And yes, this doesn’t irritate your users as often as you think.
  • Don’t change your bids at random. Set up bid experiments rather.
  • Test, track and measure your results regularly.

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