11 Ways to Boost Traffic for Your Law Firm Website

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Boost Law Firm Website Traffic

Search engine optimization is among the most influential marketing strategies to achieve higher rankings and get a steady stream of traffic. But, tackling the world of SEO and organic traffic may seem overwhelming for many law companies. So, it is always advisable for legal firms to leverage the expertise of SEO specialists. After all, what good is having a website if no one sees it?

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss 11 actionable ways you can adopt to boost traffic to your law firm. This will also help you generate more leads and win more clients.

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How to Boost Traffic for Your Law Firm Website?

  1. Identify Your Target Keywords
  2. Optimize Your Web Page
  3. Incorporate FAQs
  4. Create Compelling Content
  5. Revamp Stale Content
  6. Build Internal Linking Strategy
  7. Conduct Content Gap Analysis
  8. Use Google My Business
  9. Optimize for Mobile
  10. Draw High-Quality Links
  11. Get Listed In Online Directories

Identify Your Target Keywords

Identifying and targeting search queries or keyword phrases that your clients use while searching for lawyers is among the foremost efforts.

To identify specific keywords, use the Google Analytics tool and review your site’s organic traffic sources. Plus, make a list of keywords that are driving traffic to your website. From this list, review what keywords offer high search impressions.

Identify Your Target Keywords

Include them throughout your website’s content as this will let your site appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). When potential clients will search for terms related to your practice area, they will find you online.

add keywords on website

Be mindful to strike a balance between using too many and too few keywords. Overuse can result in getting your site penalized by search engines.

Optimize Your Web Page

Optimizing web pages could be a bit complex. Factors like headlines, subheadlines, meta tags, URL slugs, headers, etc. come into this purview. Hire an SEO company for lawyers to perform this activity. SEO experts will help you discover whether or not your page is up-to-date.

How to Optimize Web Page

  • Creating an SEO-friendly page URL that includes short keyword phrases.
  • Adding keyword phrases to your tagline, unique selling proposition, and page title.
  • Adding links to articles on authoritative sites, such as court websites, legal cases, local authorities, etc.). Avoid links to competitors’ websites.
  • Using headers (H1 and H2 tags) to organize your content and make sure that H2 tags have an H1 tag that they support.
  • Writing an action-oriented ‘Call to Action’ for your meta description. This stimulates people to visit your website.
  • Including social media sharing buttons on the website so that visitors can share your content on social media.
  • Increasing the page load speed. A tool like Google PageSpeed Insights can help you check page speed. The score needs to be 90 or higher.

Incorporate FAQs

SEO for attorneys or law firms includes an FAQ section on the page. The FAQ must provide clear, practical answers to the most urgent and common questions.

Depending on your expertise, the FAQ could be related to:

  • General law
  • Liability Lawsuit
  • Auto Accident
  • Corporate/business
  • Commercial Accident
  • Divorce/Custody
  • Workplace Injury
  • Pedestrian Accident
  • Protective Orders
  • Product Liability

…and so forth

FAQ is important because many prospective clients coming to law firm websites may typically look for information. They may have certain legal questions and want the right answers thinking that you’re a good fit for them.

Clear and practical ‘Questions and Answers’  will enable them to figure out what they should do next. It will provoke them to turn to you for further assistance.

Create Compelling Content

Create content that’s meaningful, engaging, cohesive, and conclusively appealing to your target audiences.

However, before heading to craft content, answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to tell your audience?
  • Which important question would you like to answer?
  • What’s the purpose of your article?
  • What do you want readers to do at the end of the page?

In addition, focus on blog strategy for law firms that includes:

  • Devising a structure for your post
  • Using paragraphs and headings
  • Using transition words (‘first of all; ‘secondly’ and ‘finally’)
  • Incorporating related keywords
  • Adding links to existing content
  • Keep it search engine friendly.

Try to post a minimum of one blog weekly. It is yet a great way to reap the benefits of SEO for lawyers as you’re able to maintain fresh content.

However, each time you post new content in form of an article or blog, do remember to share it across all your social media platforms to drive even more traffic back to your website.

Finally, send a newsletter that focuses on the latest posts to subscribers. It will keep your legal website in their mind.

Revamp Stale Content 

Take a strategic, incremental approach to refresh and revamp your stale content. This will let you make impactful, long-lasting changes and create more engagement.

  • Update the publish date of your content
  • Add a few hundred extra words to update information
  • Do some simple optimization over keywords
  • Update keywords that the content has ranked for in the past
  • Stay updated and modify content to give accurate information
  • Match your content with target keywords. Reoptimize them for better, more relevant results
  • Add bare acts in your content if possible

Build Internal Linking Strategy

Build Internal Linking Strategy

Internal links are a vital part of SEO for lawyers. Why? Because they help search engines understand the structure of your law company website, pass authority to other pages on your site and assist users in navigating your site.

Determine the ideal structure for your site. Identify your central pages about a broad topic. Determine what your most influential web copy is.

  • Add contextual links (link various blogs on law topics with each other.
  • Link hierarchical pages (link parent pages to their child pages and vice versa).
  • Add navigational links (link your cornerstone content to the homepage or the top navigational pages).
  • Add links to recent or popular posts

Conduct Content Gap Analysis

Conducting a content gap analysis fills in the holes in your law firm SEO strategy. You’ll reach potential clients at every step of their journey.

The process often includes auditing your web pages, blog articles, social media content, landing pages, and eBooks or downloadables.

For an effective content gap analysis, answer these questions:

  • Is your content meeting your end goals?
  • Is content fulfilling the needs of your target audiences?
  • Are you meeting your client’s requirements through website content, blog, ads, social media, emails, and the like?
  • Have you reviewed what content you have and what you need
  • Have you examined competitor content?
  • Are you sure your website content contains keywords that you want to rank for?

Use Google My Business

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing appears when potential clients search for legal assistance in Google Maps or local search results. If you have not yet created a GMB profile, do so as soon as possible.

Fill out all of the information fields and add photos. This will help potential clients understand what your law firm has to offer.

Optimize for Mobile

Over 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, according to recent statistics. This is possible because more people are using smartphones to access the internet.

That means if your site is not optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

So, make sure that you design a responsive website and that the content can be easily viewed on smaller screens.

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Draw High-Quality Links with Infographics

Getting links to your site from other high-quality sites is another way to significantly boost traffic for your law firm. A great way is to incorporate guest blogging on third party websites.

Moreover, studies have found that content containing images or graphics can generate 94% more views compared to content without.

Infographics has the biggest growth in usage among B2B marketers over the last four years and were at 67% in 2020.

Plus, infographics attract links and can help break down complicated information, making it more digestible for audiences.

So, include a link on the infographic. It will help you bring more visitors back to your website by boosting your number of backlinks.

Get Listed In Online Directories

Great SEO services for attorneys or lawyers include getting your law firm’s website listed in online directories, such as Yellow Pages, FourSquare, or Yelp.

This is important because people often turn to online directories when searching for legal services in their area.

Make certain each directory listing you create is up-to-date and accurate. This instills confidence in potential clients who might want to contact you.

How ResultFirst Helps Law Firms?

Being a leading SEO company, ResultFirst offers Pay for Performance SEO model to law firms. This model lets you pay for the result you achieve. It is unlike those traditional search engine optimization services wherein you have to pay for undesired or no results.

Plus, ResultFirst sets data-driven SEO strategies. Our specialists accumulate and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data for SEO that deliver faster results than those traditional SEO agencies that take months to give results.


If you want to market your legal businesses or want your law firm to appear on top of search results, it’s important to hire the best SEO Company. A team of SEO experts will get you in front of the right clients when they need you the most.

Though starting with researching keyword phrases, writing compelling content, optimizing your web pages, and drawing high-quality links can help, a reputable SEO agency for law firms will not just boost traffic, but also drive quality traffic and improve conversions.

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