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The comment section of a blog is a standard feature; however, very few people pay attention to it. Though, a few blog designers have created comment sections that make their blogs look exceptional and provide additional functionality. In this article, we will focus on 15 best comment section design trends, identified by top SEO services, that web designers can use to make their blog look unconventional.

WordPress Blog


The comment section on WordPress blog is appealing as well as simple. It won’t be wrong to say that WordPress blog designers believe that simplicity is the best way to ‘engage’ customers.



Now, I won’t call it the best design for comment section, however, Digg definitely understands what customers need from a comment section. The star button in the comment section that allows the users to recommend is interesting.



Reddit comment section allows the users to check the ‘best comments.’ You can also check permalink that allows you to view a comment thread, separating what you are not interested in from the clutter.


Now that’s what we call an appealing comment section design. The design is simple but color and font makes it look appealing. Also, the lines make it appear clean and reduce the clutter.

Chi Garden


Love beauty? Chi Garden is the website you must visit. A comment form that is appealing to eye, simple, easy to use and definitely impressive, Chi Garden also allows the users to have an avatar.

Hicks Design


The colors of this blog make it look appealing. Also, the font size used is different from common ‘Times New Roman,’ which makes it appear better.

Pro Blog Design


The green used on this website make it look different from common white blogs with black fonts. The color combination attracts the attention of the viewers.

QN5 Blog


If we talk elegance, this is the blog to look at. QN5 blog has simple design but its colors make it appear impressive.

Design Work Plan


The website does not use a lot of different color combinations. However, green and white works well with the overall design of the blog, which makes this comment section design worth mentioning.

UX Booth


Another design that shouts that simplicity is the way to go. This is another blog that is known for its simple design and impressive fonts. If you are a fan of mature design and fonts, you are sure to like this design.

Mr. Henry


Won’t really call it a user-friendly design but if you like black, grey and dark combinations, this may appeal to you.



The designer of this website definitely loves to play with soft colors and we must say that he is doing a great job. The color combinations are appealing and soothing at the same time.



This is another design that experiments with fonts. They have kept it simple but the fonts in black color make the comment section appear pleasant and neat.



Nothing different about this design but if you have a simple blog in white background, this one can go with the theme.



The combination of black, white and pink made us mention this one. The design goes well with the theme and definitely looks impressive.

Have a design that appeals to you? Share with us in the comment section.

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