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You may have read our CrazyEgg post about landing pages, in which we discussed five important elements (such as cleanliness, offers, interactive media et al) that make your landing page actually earn attention.

Today, we want to add on 15 more best practices to the list so that you can not just create a landing page, but also sell through it and build your business out of it.


  • Write killer headline, for it’s mostly the deciding factor.
  • Make sure your landing page has one purpose, one message and one action.
  • Use testimonials to help your visitors know what existing clients think of you and make you more reliable in their eyes.
  • Use case studies to help your visitors actually get the feel of what it’s like to work with you and what they can expect.
  • Use trust badges and logos of companies you’ve worked to build your brand’s credibility.
  • Write actionable copy – one that salivates your visitors and makes them really buy from you.
  • Format your landing page in a way that makes it easily digestible.
  • Use contrasting colors to increase its appeal – and your conversions.
  • Create compelling calls to action so your visitors can clearly see the way to becoming customers.
  • Streamline the experience by making it mobile friendly.
  • Use forms with minimum fields to minimize the hurdles for your customers.
  • Provide a clear value proposition to help your visitors decide why you’re best for them.
  • Leverage social buttons to show your visitors you’re everywhere they are and to build more credibility.
  • Clearly show your contact details.
  • Make sure to do A/B testing so you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Remember: what might be a best practice for us may not work for you. So do split test what you do (that too consistently) in order to improve your bottom line.

Want to add on even more landing page best practices? We’d love to hear from you. 

Vice president with a demonstrated history of overseeing internal operations, building profitable businesses from scratch, maximizing company's operating performance, and achieving financial goals. I have ability to build and scale-up businesses on sustainable foundation of strong, motivated teams, business relationships, and efficient processes.

I am skilled in strategizing performance-based digital marketing initiatives for both B2B and B2C businesses for clients across globe. I love taking on new challenges, playing outside my comfort zone, and enjoy writing about the latest innovations in the industry. I love to share my knowledge with others through articles and blog posts.

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