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You love your site. You think it’s got everything that’s supposed to be there. But you’re only right if your site wows your audience. Rocks them. Makes them your brand advocate. And brings them back again… and again.

So what’re the secret ingredients of such site? What converts your visitors into your loyal, raving fans?

Today we will discuss the three primary factors that actually matter and that you need to invest in, right now, today.

Invest in content

There’s no avoiding the power of content. It is, quite literally, fundamental to killer marketing. In fact, B2B marketers invest around 22% of their overall budget in content, a research states.

While engaging, inspirational content attracts your audience and excites them, drab content is like chemical pesticides – it not just makes your site less productive and less credible but also repels your audience.

So here’re some content marketing tips to make your content encourage sharing and inspire action:

  • Keep it simple, concise and clear
  • Make sure it’s not about you, but your audience
  • Use minimum adjectives and adverbs
  • Strike out blah blah and long sentences
  • Make sure your headline is catchy and has the right words
  • Get attention with facts
  • Use different content models such as blog posts, infographics, webinars, etc.
  • Be consistent and don’t think creating one viral content is end of story.
  • Most importantly, make a content strategy to streamline your content’s production, promotion and governance.

Invest in social media

Your audience is on social media – and they expect you to be there, too. So that they can interact with you easily and get inspired in ever more ways.

Remember: social media helps you make your website/brand likeable and trustworthy, provided you do it the right way.

Start by gaining an intimate knowledge of your audience. Get to know what they’re looking for and give them that.

Best practice tips:

  • Formulate a powerful strategy  (measure and keep on honing it)
  • Engage with your audience, jump into their conversations
  • Post remarkable content more than once, any day
  • Know your platforms to make the most of them
  • Keep it short on most occasions
  • Respond to not just positive but also negative review
  • Social proof your website so sharing is as simple as ABC
  • Don’t forget Google Plus, Pinstorm and StumbleUpon

Invest in design

Imagine. Your social marketing and search marketing are working out great, getting you more visitors than ever. But your bounce rate is higher than ever, too. And there’re little to no conversions.

This often happens when your design is not right, when it doesn’t resonate with your visitors, when it’s not what they want. So you need to invest in it right away.

Best practice tips:

  • Ensure it’s clean and standards-compliant to keep search engines happy
  • Ensure it’s mobile-friendly so you can give an optimal experience to your mobile audience
  • Get your call to actions grab your visitor’s attention
  • Keep navigation simple, intuitive
  • Ensure your “coming soon” pages inspire curiosity
  • Keep less options in the pricing table
  • Emphasize content
  • Streamline the conversion process

What’s your mantra to make your site remarkable? And how do you keep it stay that way? Please share your thoughts below. 

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