3 Simple Ways to Track Your Website’s Ranking

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Investing in SEO is just one step to improving your business returns and building a visible brand presence. Constant monitoring is needed to ensure your website positioning and whether you have selected appropriate strategies to reach the top of major search engines. If you have followed the best SEO practices such as appropriate keywords for numerous website pages, implemented a clean site architecture, fixed overall loading speed of your website and created high-quality links, the question that should be asked now is – how well is your website performing?

How to track your website’s ranking?

Mentioned below are a few tips you need to take care of if you need to track the ranking of your website.

Use proxy site to search the keywords

A lot of business owners make the mistake of typing their target keyword on Google to find the current rankings of their website. However, this will not yield accurate results because Google may return results according to your search history and location. If you want to find out how your website is performing on a global scale, you may use proxy site to find the exact position on Google. For maximum results, make sure to monitor your rankings on a regular basis.

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Track your social media results

Presence on social influences the ranking of your website in the search results. If you have recently launched, or are planning to create a campaign on social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook, you may use free tools to check exactly how many users have shared your campaign and mentioned you to their followers.

Regularly monitor all the links that you have created

Apart from the aforementioned, another factor that affects the rankings of your website is the links that you have created. Search engines refer to both quality and quantity of backlinks to find out exactly how you should rank for your keyword.

In a nutshell, all the above-mentioned ways may help you track the rankings of your website. If you require any help with the ranking of your website, contact us. You may also share your suggestions in the comments section.

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