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Social media hardly converts your visitors into customers.

Email, proclaimed as dead by many, is better than social media when it comes to conversions.

Does this, deep down, resonate with you?

See, social media is all about consistent efforts and creativity. If you don’t have a social strategy, you’ll fail. And if your strategy includes obsolete tactics, even then you’ll fail.

The only way to succeed is through engaging with your target audience, listening to them, building relationships, creating a following and developing likeability.

But how do you do all that?

Here we discuss 3 social tactics that you can incorporate in your social strategy today to make it succeed.

(If you don’t have a social strategy, you should contact us right away – we’ll help you make one.)

Make the most of YouTube

Many businesses are missing out on YouTube, which can prove to be good for you. You first need to add videos that reflect your knowledge in your field (say SEO), that help people solve some tricky SEO problems themselves.

You may also make funny videos related to SEO, how it’s evolved over time, how the way people see it has evolved over time. Funny videos are more likely to get shared – and viral.

Remember: always end your video with a link to another relevant video. This helps you get viewed more.

Furthermore, leveraging YouTube is also good in that it helps you get found on Google too, as it displays video results.

Infographics maybe an old trend now but they’re a great traffic driver still

Whether it’s Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google Plus or Facebook infographics do well on all social networks. They are easy to digest. They get more shares. They are more likely to get viral than text content.

You may use tools such as or employ your on creative team to create infographics that not only drive traffic but increase engagement, following and conversions.

Don’t underestimate hashtags

According to a recent survey, 58% people use hashtags on a regular basis, and 34% people use hashtags to search/follow categories.

Hashtags help you not just promote and target but also innovate.


  • Starbucks India was recently giving away free coupons to all those who uploaded their pictures with #passionforcoffee.
  • Porche uses hashtags for cross-platform contests.
  • American Express lets their customers make purchases through hashtags.
  • The Future M uses hashtags to pull tweets with #FutureM on their site and build a vibrant community.
  • Blogworld bagged a Guiness World Record for the most widespread social media message (209,771 mentions in 24 hours), with the hashtag #BeatCancer.

So there’re endless ways to leverage hashtags to make your social marketing campaign a smashing success.

It’s your turn to share what you think works best on social media today. The comments await… 

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