5 Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns Marketers Can Learn From

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B2B Marketing Campaigns

No matter whether you are a business owner or marketer, you would agree that marketing is the game of creative and innovative thinking!

As Ian Schafer stated, “Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”(Source: PROFOUNDARY)

So you are exhausted with your marketing strategy, right?

You are feeling clueless because the strategy you prepared after spending several days and hours didn’t work properly, is that so?

Well, it happens with every hardcore marketer!

Now you need something that could help you identify what your strategy is missing on and how to promote a brand in an impactful manner. Don’t worry as this post reveals 5 successful marketing campaigns that will let you explore the secret recipe to boost your brand digitally.

Let’s get started with some striking information…

Digital Marketing Statistics

It is true that marketing is not a rocket science, but it’s not a low hanging fruit too! Marketing any brand digitally is a complex process as it comprises of techniques such as search engine optimization, content marketing, real-time marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, data-driven marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

As Warren Knight stated in an article published on Infusionsoft:

  • Company worldwide generated 67 percent of the leads through blogs in 2016.
  • Emails are 40x more effective at acquiring new customers.
  • 57 percent of online audience accepted the fact they get influenced by the positive comments about a brand online.
  • You may expect a surge of around 10-25 percent in the marketing budgets for social media.
  • By 2019, marketers will spend 72 percent of digital ads on mobile advertising.
  • Including video in an email boosts click-through rate by whopping 200-300 percent. (Source: insivia)
  • 81 percent of marketers believe that real-time marketing drives massive engagement. (Source: NGDATA)
  • 64 percent of marketing executives “strongly agree” that data-driven marketing is crucial to success. (Source: CMO)

Now, check out below listed 5 campaigns you can learn from, one by one:

5 Digital Campaigns

1. IBM’s 60 Years in Singapore Campaign

(Source: ceros)

As we know IBM is a name that needs no introduction and presently operating in over 170 countries. Due to its rich history in the computing world, it has a unique market position. IBM’s marketing team did a fantastic job by leveraging its history in its recent 60 Years in Singapore campaign.

They smartly paired stories about what they did and where they are heading. During this campaign, they shared first-person stories of real employees and crucial historical events in Singapore. For this, they consider their microsite to utilize cool interactive layout and navigation structure to enhance interactivity and user experience.

Takeaway: Leverage your experience just like IBM did. Use photos, facts, videos to weave an interactive story for your brand. The most crucial thing is be genuine and feature real stories from real people whether it is your worker or client. Reason? Fake stories will never feel genuine.

2. ADP

(Source: Mark Schaefer)

ADP, a big name in the corporate world, offers payroll and other crucial services to companies, leveraged content marketing for their brand promotion. To boost engagement with the target audience and connect with new prospects, ADP developed a content marketing campaign. They used white papers to educate their audience and diagnostic assessment tool to communicate with their audience.

ADP had put all the efforts in this campaign which in turn generated over $1 million in new sales opportunities while they successfully closed several significant deals within the initial 3 months of launch. So, without a doubt, content marketing is effective, and a full-fledged strategy can do wonders for business.

Takeaway: Next time you prepare a marketing strategy, offer something valuable for free and don’t forget to keep content marketing top of the list.

3. Time Warner Business Class

(Source: trueinfluence)

Time Warner Business Class took a different approach to boosting their marketing. Instead of leveraging technologically it provides, they kept their tone buyer-centric and used social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to share the success stories of its customers ranging from small to mid-size businesses. In this way, they successfully reached an audience of millions with each video.

All those stories showed how the organization helped their clients and values association and trust of their customers. In every story, there was a call to action to download the “Mighty Mid-Market” eBook containing information how the solutions they offer can help businesses grow, thrive, and improve. Further, this marketing campaign helped Time Warner Business Class deeper connections with its established clients.

Takeaway: Buyer-centric tone always turns the game in your favor, reason? Buyer-centric tone helps you deliver real value. Above all, it makes you credible! It proves you are a client-centric organization, value association, and focus on relationships.

4. Hewlett Packard

(Source: B2C)

With thousands of interns working around the world, the computer giant HP took a different approach. The company took advantage of its large workforce and ran a Twitter contest to turn interns into brand ambassadors. Every three weeks, HP started a new contest with 3-6 interns who were asked to create engaging tweets about their experiences at the company.

Not only the contest helped company establishes itself as a better place to work for millennials, but also showcased to clients about its innovation and the ability to recruit top talent. This way, HP not only impressed clients, but also attracted and inspired many new talents to join HP for work.

Takeaway: HP showed us the way to utilize resources smartly to execute a marketing campaign.

5. NewsCred: High Fashion, Great Content

(Source: ceros)

NewsCred offers software and services to digital content marketers. In one of their High Fashion, Great Content microsite, they decided to tap into storytelling, brand campaigns, and fashion – all three topics were resonating deeply with their target audience.

In this digital marketing campaign, NewsCred leveraged the brand power and content. They smartly tied their content into a current event, launching the site in conjunction with NY fashion week. They used interactive format for their microsite to improve the overall experience of the website so that it could appeal livelier to the visitors.

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Takeaway: NewsCred taught how to leverage industry relevant trending topics or events to make campaigns successful. Use the interactivity to enhance your storytelling and boost engagement.


A full-fledged digital marketing strategy can do wonders for a business if executed in a right manner. You can follow the tips described in above-listed marketing campaigns to fuel yours. However, as explained in the beginning, marketing is all about creative and innovative thinking that has no bounds. So, think different to be different.

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