5 Tips To Win Google’s RankBrain With Your SEO Content

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Keeping up with the Joneses wasn’t as difficult as keeping up with the changing algorithms of Google!

Google has a way to outsmart everyone and reward those who follow the rules.

In order to serve the world with search results that are genuine and exact, Google keeps evolving and bringing new technologies to make results even more relevant. The constant evolution of Google is so fast that it gets extremely hard to keep up with the pace and prepare in advance.

One such technology is RankBrain introduced in October 2015. It’s like Google has got its own brain that ranks websites based on algorithms.

What Does RankBrain Do?

RankBrain is an artificially intelligent algorithm that learns and detects user-intent from search terms. It tries to build a relationship between words typed in the search box and identifies a pattern. RankBrain connects the search query with the search intent and delivers the results that the user is most likely seeking.

For example:

Dwelling in the awesomeness of the new Baywatch trailer, I rediscovered my love for Dwayne Johnson.  Out of curiosity, I checked how synonymous  Dwayne is to ‘rock.’ When I typed “rock” in the search box, the entire page was filled with Dwayne Johnson. Curious as an SEO content specialist, I typed “rocks,” and that’s when I could get the meaning of a literal rock. Google’s intelligent, ain’t it? It read my intentions so well.

While you have no way to know the exact functioning of RankBrain and the algorithms of Google because Google is quite an introvert and likes to keep its secrets, Google is also generous and believes everyone deserves equal opportunity.

The secret of impressing the brain of ‘daddy Google’ for ‘princess rank’ is loud and clear: Create unique, useful, and interesting content that can engage the readers.

Talk about dealing with the latest Fred update or most of the other popular Google updates, content has been a primary measure of search rankings.

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Let’s decode the science of creating winning content to triumph over Google’s RankBrain.

Tip 1:  Ditch Exact Keywords.

Sounds controversial? That’s because you have been trying to fix the exact keywords for so long that it seems to be almost a fundamental principle. “XYZ service provider London” – how similar does that sound?

Consider this: Voice search has gained popularity. Search queries have become longer. RankBrain tries to connect these long tail keywords with web pages and if your web page does not consider long tail keywords with different combinations of suffixes, prefixes and phrases, you can’t be detected.

Do not restrict yourself to the exact keywords; rather go for phrases and related search terms that people are more likely to search.

Tip 2: Narrow Down Your Information

Again something that you stay away from! Most marketers try to cover a generic topic and fear limiting their audience with a narrow specified content idea.

Wake up!

Will your users type your keyword to look for a generic information or would they search the exact information they are looking for?

A user looking for information is more likely to search for “how to use an eyebrow highlighter” than just “eyebrow highlighter” even though searches for eyebrow highlighter look higher, but so is the competition.

Google keyword planner is a great tool to help you identify keyword phrases suitable to your business that can also lead to a good content idea. Also search for these keywords and see related searches. There are so many hints laid out by Google. Pick them.

Remember, RankBrain prefers content that is the exact match of the search query. A generic piece of content will not rank on specific searches.

Tip 3: Don’t Assume, Know What’s Useful

Assuming what would people read based on your keywords and writing something just so you can maintain a keyword density of 2% is the worst thing you can do to your website and business.

RankBrain aims to rank content that the user intends to seek. So you have to create content that your audience seeks and deliver it in a fashion that your users find it useful. Chasing a keyword density might leave your content sound awkward and forced. It’s such a big put off for a reader.

Research your industry, use content ideation tools, and create valuable content with practical information in it. If I spoke all about “Why create good content” without telling you “how,” it would be a useless post.

Here are a few tools for content ideation:

  • Quora: You ultimate source of knowing what your customers seek to know.
  • Buzzsumo: Tells you what the world is talking about and which stories are widely shared and engaged with.
  • Ahref: Your all time destination to see what’s trending.
  • Google+ Communities: Discover what people are interested to know through discussions taking place in these communities.

Tip 4: Serve Mobile Customers

It has to be a no brainer. With the growing mobile user-force, you cannot ignore mobile optimization of your content.

You need to understand what mobile customers want and keep in mind the mobile voice searches. Afterall, the long phrases used while voice search are also your keywords.

This takes us back to Tip 1. Incorporate long search phrases in your content to help RankBrain identify you every time a similar query pops up.

Tip 5: Tell a story

Whatever you have to say might have been said by thousands of others. Why should someone read your content?

Give your content a personal touch- an anecdote from your personal life, a case study you came across the other day, some metaphors and similes and a lot of creativity. For your content to stand out, it needs to be unique and storytelling is the way to go.

Moreover, keep your story current. Add value to what has already been said. If someone had 10 ways to using a washi tape, you give 20, and tell your story how you have incorporated those ideas for yourself.

Winning Google is all about creating good content.

So, what is your take on creating content for Google’s RankBrain?

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