6 eCommerce SEO Strategies to Get BIG Thanksgiving SALE!

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eCommerce SEO Strategies to Get BIG Thanksgiving SALE

Thanksgiving weekend is fast approaching and the countdown has started. It is going to be the busiest shopping season after the pandemic. People are getting excited about shopping and are crazy to get their hands on gifts for friends, relatives, or their loved ones.

Recent eCommerce statistics(ref:hostinger) show most of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday traffic will happen online.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Online Traffic

In the above infographic, there is a 21.6% sharp increase in online shopping from the previous year. In contrast, physical store shopping witnessed a decline in sales because of the pandemic and their traffic went down by more than 52%.

Given the woofing boost of online shopping, many retailers are going online this year for the BIG Thanksgiving SALE. Competitors are tussling over the best eCommerce SEO strategies to rank on top of Google search results, increase traffic and boost sales. Webmasters are scrambling for the most effective SEO ideas for online stores.

So, competition is fierce. If you’re still not up with winning SEO marketing concepts for your retail businesses, you’re going to miss out on sales. Go through the below search engine optimization strategies to hook customers to your online store and increase sales during Thanksgiving weekend.

Optimize Website Performance

Before anything else, make sure your site is loading fast and functioning well. The ideal loading time for eCommerce websites is zero to three seconds because it can offer a 30% higher conversion rate. Beyond that load time, consumers start abandoning their cart.

  • 40% of people abandon a website that loads in more than 3 seconds. Neil Patel.
  • Just a 1-second delay and conversions will drop by 7%, according to amazon.com.

Look at the chart, and how page load speed impacts conversion rates.

Conversion Rate by Page Load Time

To let your website perform well, you need to optimize it. For this, check technical glitches and fix them.

  • Check your site’s mobile-friendliness scores
  • Make sure if there are no incorrect or missing canonicals
  • Find out website indexing issues
  • Check slow page loading speed on mobiles & desktops
  • Fix broken URLs if any
  • Take a look at orphaned pages (pages without any links)
  • Remove duplicate content

Also, note that missing product images, complex navigation, and glitching forms spike bounce rates. It means visitors leave your site instead of staying and surfing other pages at the same time. A rising bounce rate signals that your web page is boring, off-putting, and not SEO friendly.

Refer to our guide on Google Core Web Vitals for other user experience flaws and enhancing your website performance.

Search Relevant & Seasonal Keywords

Relevant Keywords

Search for relevant keywords. But, please, stop going after ‘Overly-Competitive Ones’ that are being used by other eCommerce stores. Rather, try to assess how challenging it is to rank for a particular keyword.

Look into last year’s data. Make sure you uncover any interesting keywords that shoppers would previously use to find you.

To do this,

  • Use Google Search Console and check the queries report from last year.
  • For any additional information and ideas, log in to Google Keyword Planner and paste a few of those keywords into it.
  • Play smartly and segment keyword suggestions by month.
  • View trending keywords for the Thanksgiving season.

As a bonus, use other keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Keyword Explorer to find the exact monthly search volume and get more related keywords.

Seasonal Keywords

Seasonal keywords are important because they help you understand when and what your consumers are searching for. For successful eCommerce SEO, include them in your home page, product description, related pages, and links to have good visibility.

How to find seasonal keywords?

To discover seasonal keywords, Google Trends can be your most trusted companion. This free tool allows you to analyze the popularity of top search queries in Google Search or get updates about the latest changes in search trends.

See the three images below. We have used ‘best SEO Company,’ as the search term in Google Trends.

In the first image, you can see numbers on the left that represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time.

Best SEO Company - Google Trends - ResultFirst

In the second image, you can see this image is showing the location in which the term ‘best SEO Company’ was most popular during the specified time frame.

Best SEO Company - Google Trends By Region- ResultFirst

This image shows that the users searching for the ‘best SEO Company’ also searched for other related topics and related queries.

Topics & Queries

Use Google Trends for digging out emerging search queries, monitoring the nature of search behavior, comparing search volumes of different queries, and using historical data to check the continuance of any topic.

For successful implementation of seasonal search terms, follow the below steps:

  1. Keep a close eye on what products sell better during the Thanksgiving season
  2. Identify your potential audiences based on their location
  3. Be plain-spoken about your web copy, and create the relevant content upfront
  4. Optimize the most relevant pages using relevant and seasonal keywords
  5. Update the existing details and information on your website before the peaks

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Utilize the Power of Local SEO

While online shopping is rife, many shoppers also plan to shop in-store.

Did you know?

  • Around 46%(ref:financesonline.com) of shoppers still prefer offline shopping
  • 70%+ consumers who did a local search visited a store within 5 miles of their current location

So, you need to throw light on the local crowd who you can serve. This will let you get the lion’s share of the Thanksgiving sales. The goal is to convert local online traffic into offline visits.

  • Update your Google My Business profile
  • Create local content marketing resources
  • Optimize your location(s) for voice search
  • Add event schema to your website events
  • Ask customers to submit reviews
  • Update business listing photos
  • Promote your local Thanksgiving offers on social media

Find here How to Make the Most Out of Local SEO. 

Consider Last Year’s Thanksgiving Trends

Holiday Sales

To foresee where your Thanksgiving organic traffic is likely to come from, use Google Search Console and take a look at last year’s Search Terms report.


  • which eCommerce pages generated the most traffic
  • which queries shoppers used to search for your products

On top of that analyze data from other channels, like legitimate referral sources, including:

  • Social media websites
  • Affiliates
  • Email campaigns

Be sure which of these channels generated the most conversions last year. Prioritize them while setting out your eCommerce SEO Strategies for this year’s sale.

Last but not least, give some extra time and effort to study diverse reports and metrics before the holiday shopping craziness pumps up. For this, use Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Revamp Your Landing Page

Revamp Your Landing Page

Optimize your landing page by using the right set of keywords. Plus, make it look more SEO-friendly.

  • Run Thanksgiving discounts/offers/deals on your popular products shown in the above image.
  • Make your landing page visually interesting, engaging, and attractive.
  • Optimize it for mobiles, desktops, and tablets.
  • Improve page load speed as customers don’t shop from slow-loading websites
  • Allow customers to have a smooth, easy navigation shopping experience
  • Focus on one Call to Action (CTA) and reduce text on the page

The above steps help dodge conversion drop-outs and eliminate cart abandonment.

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Update Product Descriptions for Thanksgiving

eCommerce product descriptions are very impactful when it comes to conversion rates. Updating them will get your shop Thanksgiving ready.

But how will you do this?


Include as many product details as possible in descriptions. These details can be colors, sizes, materials, potential allergens, advanced technologies, ingredients, features, specifications, and more.

See how effectively Lenovo has shown the product’s specifications.

product specifications

Highlight the benefits of the product, explaining how it would be used. Write your product description, keeping your Unique Selling Proposition broad and highlighting the uniqueness of the product to make the product appealing within your audience demographic.

Read the product description by Lenovo in the below image.

product description

Uplift your copywriters to smarten up and spruce the web copy with more striking and emotional words. Encourage your creative team to design snazzy new graphics for your products.

Certainly, this will let consumers portray how much joy, comfort, or benefit your product could deliver to them during this seasonal holiday.


The Thanksgiving holiday season is all about sales. And now that you’re acquainted with the best eCommerce SEO Strategies, implement them to stand out from the competition. It’s time to get into execution mode and hit the big SALE!

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