6 Essential Web Design Elements That Help Businesses Attract Customers to Their Website

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If you’re running an online business, then your website is your online home, and your homepage is your welcome mat. If people like it, they will come inside. If they don’t, they won’t come inside.

It is your responsibility to make your welcome mat as attractive, neat, and beautiful as you can make it.

Take the example of a house. If the entrance looks anything like the image below, would you want to step into that hose? Eww! No.


You need to treat your website like your home. Remember that your website isn’t the first that people see. Some of them have come to your website after searching many other websites.

So, you can’t simply wow them with a colorful homepage design. You need to have the right elements. These elements include content, answers, and material.

If your design is excellent and everything is in place, but they can’t find what they are looking for, they will leave.

So, to keep things realistic, we will be discussing the website design elements that can help you make it big with your website.

A recent study on user experience (UX) by the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) revealed that UX is one weakness that most websites have. Over 77% of agencies have responded that they don’t have a lot of information on how to improve their user experience.

What do visitors not like?

Here are a few things that your visitors will not like at all. These are:

  • A bad website design that doesn’t give them a welcome feel. It will increase the bounce rate and reduce site sales.
  • If they revisit the site, they are not going to buy because they have this impression embedded in their brains.
  • A slow website is another thing that visitors don’t like at all. They want all websites to be fast, simple, and smooth.

The secret to creating a great website design

Let’s discuss some of the lesser-known secrets that can help you create a great website design that not only increases eyeballs but also leads to more sales.

1. The Right Theme

Choosing the right theme is hard. From a plethora of themes, how can you choose a theme that is attractive, beautiful, and suits the needs of your business?

This is a question that almost all website designers ask.


That is where a theme like Divi comes in. It offers everything you need to create attractive landing pages. The Divi theme is fully customizable, and you can add as many sections to it as you want.

It offers a drag-and-drop page builder facility. Top marketing, agency, and affiliate websites use this theme to build their blogs and eCommerce stores.

2. Banners & Sliders

The next thing that gets the most clicks are the banners on the home page of the website. You don’t want poorly designed banners. You want something interesting on the home page.

Consider the two designs in the image below. Which one do you think has a higher chance of conversion?

These are two of the top websites in the ETL category. Both have great logos. Yet one has a quality design and shows what it does right on the home page. The second one doesn’t show what it does but takes the user to a press release.

Now, if someone wants to buy ETL software, which website will they choose to buy it from? The first one.

It emphasizes the importance of an attractive web design that is catchy and also transmits ample information to the user about the product.

3. Color Scheme

Adding images to the homepage is fine, but when these images mix with the fonts of the page and make it less readable, that creates a problem.

It not only decreases the conversion rate on the website, but it also increases the risk of revenue loss. You would not want that to happen, would you?


How you mix colors on your web page will determine how good an impression goes on the viewers. Balancing the color scheme and your design template requires skills, and you shouldn’t compromise on that.

Thus, it is recommended to get the services of a reputed design company that can not only craft a creative and affordable logo design for you, but also balance it with the right color combination to impress your customers.

4. Make it Click


This is the website’s homepage. What do you think the users would do when they land on the homepage of the website? They will click on that BIG BLUE button right in the middle of the page, right?


Take another website. This website sells antivirus software. They have rightly placed their download button in a correct position to prompt the customer to use their product. Smart, eh?

The customer, without any hesitation, will click on the orange button because it is saying ‘Free’ in capital letters. That’s what makes websites CLICK.

5. Make it Fast

Everybody likes a fast website. It makes life easier. Also, it takes away the pain of waiting. People don’t like waiting. They won’t wait if your website is slow.


The results in the above image show how fast your website should be. Check out the loading time of this website. It loads in even less than a second. The page size is simply remarkable, and the performance is above expectations. So, it is a fast website in its true sense.

Google values websites that are faster. It ranks them higher as a show of gratitude. When they are ranked higher, they get more traffic. More traffic means more sales and then eventually more revenue.

6. Remember the “F Shape”

In website design, some patterns dictate how people read a sentence. F pattern means people will first read from left to right and then scroll down on the left side. Again, they will read left to right and then again scroll down.

This is because most of the content available on the internet is in the F format. The majority of our blogs have content on the left side and widget area on the right side. So, our brains are tuned in the same way that they recognize these patterns and work accordingly.


F-pattern is the widely recognized way of how people view content on the internet using their desktops. So, if you have some interesting information to show, keep it on the right where the heat signatures are mostly seen.

Final Word

UX design is a trial and error process. There is no strict rule, and one trick may not work for every website. For some websites, a simple design would be great, but for other websites, the same design will perform poorly. So, it is up to you to do the tests and come up with a design that is simple, powerful, attractive, and gets the job done.

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