6 Web Design Trends That Will Dominate In 2017

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If the incredible trends in 2016 are an indication of what to expect in 2017, then web design platform should brace for an exciting ride. Some of the developments that dominated 2016 including split screens, wearables, pop-out menus and hidden navigations could be expected to continue dominating. However, new trends will emerge facing out some of these developments while enhancing others. Here are the trends to watch out for in 2017.

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1. Pop-out Menus and Hidden Navigation

Mobile devices have overtaken desktops as the most popular browsing gadgets. This means that screen space is more valuable than ever. This is why it is necessary to hide screen and windows until they are needed. This allows you to enjoy such elements as images, videos, and text before returning to the original one. When looking for a web development company, insist on skills and capability that allows you to maximize on-screen use. The hiding menus and features create a minimalist or sleeker design that makes it easier to focus on the current task.

2. Inspiration From Wearables

It is undeniable that mobile optimization has influenced the design of websites. The latest trend is the use of wearables which are bound to have an incredible impact going forward. 2016 witnessed the sale of millions of wearables. Web users appreciate the place of UI in other devices. While wearables are designed to maximize space, work faster, and use less effort, they are operating on the ideology of ‘Less is More’ which will be transferred to all other devices and platforms. Loading time will be highly reduced with less distraction and confusion. Wearables are also helping to increase penetration of scanning technology and information transfer to other platforms and devices.

3. Material Design Lite

MDL or Material Design Lite works by optimizing the paper-like design language for the internet. A similar physics-based principle applies during design. It allows the use of shading, motions, and layers to indicate usability and reflect how the devices interact with the rest of the world. What benefits does Material Design Lite offer to Web design services provider and the entire web society?

  • The original benefits of the Classic Material Design are retained with improvements
  • The interface is life like which makes it easier to learn
  • Since it is not based on javascript, it can be used across all devices

The elements attain both consistent weight and thickness. The platforms are also easy to customize to meet personal needs.

4. Split Screen

The idea of a split screen may be compared to opening a website with two self-contained and separate cards. In fact, one of these cards may be the traditional smaller version. With a split screen, you have the capability of diversifying your content. For instance, one-half may include photos that grab the attention of a visitor while the other has a navigation menu. This layout creates an impressive and beautiful view that has a natural hierarchy. There are incredible advantages of using a split screen.

  • You can present two weighty content categories without making the viewer or visitor appear
  • It is easier to communicate the connection between two content categories to the visitor or consumer
  • It helps you create a dynamic and very enticing first screen

This method of design is used to suggest a relationship between the two categories of content. They could be of equal importance, of opposing significance, or even present options. This approach helps the web design company to develop a vibrantly visual site. The screens must indicate a connection or relationship.

5. More Videos

Videos continue to steal the thunder as content drivers and as backgrounds for content. The change to expect with internet videos in 2017 is their quantity. The style of production is likely to remain similar, but the same clip will be used several times on different platforms. Other than being a surprise element on website, videos will be the basic expectation. Why will videos be more popular?

  • They are very enticing to users
  • They are easier in creating emotional connection
  • Compared to still images, videos are more versatile

The quality of the video will remain important as well as use of advanced cinematic techniques. They will be more rampant where storytelling is required. Auto-mute feature will get more sophisticated.

6. Virtual Reality

Modern web development is embracing the element of virtual reality. The devices already in the market will be enabled to experience virtual reality. This is meant to make the images more visually impressive. The scale must be appropriate and the element of distance respected.

Web design environment is very predictable when you watch the existing trends but produces a surprise once in a while. 2017 is no different for web designers. One can only wait and watch where the tide takes the web.

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