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The eCommerce industry is facing cut-throat competition due to the increase in digitalization and online shopping. Presently, there are 12-24 million e-commerce websites around the world and is expected to rise with time. When the numbers are already so high, you know you need to do something to boost your brand and conversion rates.

We have got to you some of the best tips to boost your conversion rate in the article below which can help your brand grow.

What is E-Commerce Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of people that visit your website and make some conversion in a given period of time. A good eCommerce conversion rate can be anything more than 3%.

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Here are the 9 best tips to boost your conversion rates:

1. Faster Checkout Process

Studies show that almost 70% of people abandon their carts at the checkout page. It is extremely important to have a user-friendly checkout page. People don’t want to waste time on redundant steps.  I would recommend you to discard any extra or unnecessary steps from the checkout process, instead provide options to make it faster. For instance, they should be able to buy products as guests, have an option to choose their delivery address as their billing address and others.

Adding a progress bar can also be a smart move here. It will not make your checkout process faster but the customers will have an idea of how many steps are left.

2. Focus on all device users

The world is getting a little more tech-savvy each passing day. Most people tend to use other devices except desktops or laptops, also like mobile phones and tablets. So it is necessary for your website to be compatible with all devices because not everyone will be visiting your online store through laptops and desktops.

This will help your online store acquire more potential customers. A little investment on your website and the ROI will definitely not make you regret it.

3. Social Media Optimization

Social media platforms serve around 850 million people daily. People are using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. Not using these social media platforms to your advantage is no less than a sin. You can use social media to share new offers, deals and updates with the masses. You can also use them to interact with your customers and know what they want. This will definitely help you with a higher conversion rate.

One more thing that you can integrate into your website is a flexible social login system. You should offer your customers to log-in through different social media platforms.

4. Use Online Ads

The use of online ads is also an effective way to boost your sales. You can choose to use Google Ads or Facebook Ads for your business. These channels offer you the opportunity to target a lot of customers due to their high user count. These channels provide you with great tools to track your clicks and target the relevant audience.

Being an online store, it can help you direct traffic to your website and get you higher sales and conversion rates. Using online ads can be really useful for your eCommerce website.

5. Easy navigation

Would you ever want to lose on customers just because they didn’t find the product they needed even though you had it? No right.

Here the most important aspect of your website will be the navigation panel. People should be able to find what they need without too much effort or they will leave your website for a better one. The panel should be designed in a way that the website visitors can easily look for their products.

6. Show the product in action

E-commerce websites lack the sense of touch which creates doubts in the minds of some people. If you show the product in action, they will be able to look at every detail they want to. They will know how it looks when in use and if it will be useful to them.

For example, if you have a clothing store, you should use images of models wearing those clothes instead of just clothes. This way people will get an idea of how it will look once they wear it.

7. Use Testimonials

Studies show 92% of people prefer to look at the testimonials before buying a product online. Customers trust other people who have already bought those products more than the branded content provided by you. Showcasing user testimonials on your product page can result to be highly beneficial for your sales. You can highlight excellent reviews for better results as well. Also, don’t worry about negative reviews, they also enhance the user experience.

8. Create Scarcity

People always fear losing out on offers and deals for the products they wish to buy. You can use that fear to your advantage and create scarcity in your online store. For example, limited-time sales, limited stock or time-bound shipping.

When people see that the offer is available for a limited time, they tend to buy the product they want right away. These psychological tricks help you boost your conversion rates in a very easy manner.

9. Free Shipping

Customers are already paying so much money for the products, they hate to incur an extra amount for shipping of the product as well. You can try to provide free shipping for your customers and simply add the shipping costs in the product cost. This will get your costs and also make the customers happy.

Over to you

The main motto is to give your website visitors a user-friendly and hassle-free experience. In order to do that, you can use a few or all of these tips for your website.

These tips are very easy to adopt and are cost-effective as well which will not hamper your profit margins must. Instead, they will build a better brand-user relationship improving your conversions and creating a loyal customer base for your brand.

They will definitely help you to take your website to the next level and boost your conversion rates.

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