A Blended Approach- Amalgamation of Earned, Owned and Paid Media!

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In today’s competitive business world, marketing is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. Every venture, regardless of its size, invests in marketing to attain its goals. Most B2B companies also create numerous marketing campaigns; however, it becomes difficult to bring the expected investment returns. Considering the popularity of the content, a lot of companies have also started investing in content marketing. Although it seems fair, it is important to find out what type of content marketing campaign works for your business.

To make the most of your campaign, it is important to know what kind of content is attracting your customers and shaping their purchasing process. According to a recent study, earned media such as third party articles, credible posts created by well-known writers and journalists increase the value of your brand. It is seen that more than 75% users look for credible information, shared by experts. If you have a B2B enterprise, it is advisable to use a blended approach i.e. earned, owned and paid media, if you want to make the most of your marketing campaign.

Here’s how this amalgamation may help-

Earned media helps build the trust

Now with social media, every company displays information directly to its ustomers; however, most messages end in deaf ears. In order to increase the followers and ensure that people take your message seriously, it is important to build a brand presence. Third party experts sharing information regarding your brand, service or a particular product is one of the best ways to generate trust among customers.

Owned media helps build awareness

Owned media is a great way of engaging your customers and prospects. Once, you publish the content, it becomes easier for you to use it in numerous forms including blogs, slide share, webinars and social networking websites. You may start a conversation around your story and promote it on numerous mediums.

Paid media helps in building loyalty

Paid media is another great way to market your brand because it becomes difficult to create and spread numerous blog posts during a month. Paid media helps fill this gap. Paid content puts you in front of your target market and helps build customer loyalty.

In a nutshell, if you want to make the most of your marketing campaign, the amalgamation these three elements can work wonders.

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