A Marketer’s Guide to Insights into Shopper’s Psychology

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As an online marketer, you are sure to have already heard of the term ‘Shoppers Psychology’. This refers to the many things that can influence a customer’s purchasing decisions. Knowing about a consumer’s shopping behavior can give a huge advantage to the company.

Read on to find out more about how you can use this to your advantage.

Color – When marketing products, the color of the marketing material can play a huge part in the type of customer that you are likely to attract. For example, if you cover an online ad in pink writing or a pink background, then you will likely attract the feminine market.

Alternatively, blue creates a sense of trust and security, and usually is associated with banks and businesses. You should conduct some research into the sorts of colors that you should be using to market your goods or services according to your target market.

Discounts – When shopping online, people will very often be looking for deals and discounted goods. Marketing your products in this way is likely to attract a lot of new customers. Online services like Groupon exclusively offer coupons and discounts of all kinds, which means the discount is actually their primary product. This is just a testament to how effective this strategy is for attracting new clientele.

Reviews – Consumers pay a lot of attention to the opinion of others, so it is usually beneficial to dedicate a section of your social media or business website to customer reviews. Online shopper’s decision making is based 68% on trustworthy reviews, so if you can find this for the customer without her having to look for it, you are likely to increase sales faster.

Website – Your website is your biggest selling point. You should ensure your website speed is up to scratch, you have high quality images throughout, an informative video, product reviews and a good mobile experience.

Shoppers Psychology

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