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Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst Organization. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing. His area of expertise covers everything that comes under the umbrella of digital marketing . You Can Get in Touch With Me:

9 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas to Up Your Marketing Game

By: Abhyudaya Tripathi April 27, 2022

Read 4 minutes Talking about the origin of Mother’s Day, it goes back to the era of ancient Greeks and Romans. However, in modern times, it all started in 1908 when Anna Jarvis […]


A Definitive Guide for Multilingual SEO

By: Abhyudaya Tripathi April 19, 2022

Read 8 minutes So, you want to catch massive organic traffic for your international business. Great! An easy way to do this is to optimize your SEO for multiple languages and countries. The […]


6 Best Women’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas of All Time

By: Abhyudaya Tripathi March 02, 2022

Read 4 minutes International women’s day is celebrated worldwide on March 8th to recognize the social, cultural and political achievements of women. This day brings to fore critical issues like gender parity and […]

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Pump-up Your Brand With These 6 Thanksgiving Marketing Campaign Ideas

By: Abhyudaya Tripathi November 10, 2021

Read 4 minutes During the pre-pandemic times, precisely in 2019 Thanksgiving sales breached the $4 billion mark. Now here we are, businesses have begun to spool their creative teams to deploy marketing campaigns […]

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Father’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas to Make the Most Out of it

By: Abhyudaya Tripathi June 18, 2021

Read 5 minutes “The greatest gift I ever had come from God; I call him Dad! – Anonymous.” Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. This […]


Privacy and Data Ethics: 5 Steps to Take for a Successful Digital Business

5 Steps to Take for a Successful Digital Business
By: Abhyudaya Tripathi June 11, 2021

Read 2 minutes Data is the fuel of modern business, and with it comes responsibility. As companies continue to innovate in ways that were once unimaginable, they must also take data privacy and […]


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