About Ahmad Ali

Ahmad Ali is a freelance content writer and copywriter who offer blog post writing, copywriting and ghostwriting services. He provides digital marketing content that ranks high in the search engine and gains lots of social shares.

Mobile SEO: 18 Easy Techniques to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

By: Ahmad Ali May 07, 2020

Read 14 minutes Did you know how many people search on Google using their mobile devices? If not, then here is the statistic. Mobile searches on Google constitute 58% of all searches. The […]


What is Email Marketing? How to do Email Marketing in 2020? Complete Guide!

By: Ahmad Ali March 20, 2020

Read 15 minutes Did you know the power of email marketing? Any idea? If not, then look at these statistics. According to research, there were over 3.9 billion email users worldwide in 2019 that […]


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