About Jolene Rutherford

Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist - turned blogger, currently writing for technivorz.com. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and mean to people.

5 Ways to Make B2B Sales More Successful for Your Business

By: Jolene Rutherford April 30, 2020

Read 4 minutes Sales are always evolving, adapting, and changing with the times and prevailing industry trends. There are so many conventions, learning platforms, gurus, and courses both online and offline that revolve […]


5 Tips to a Product Launch Marketing Plan for Startups

By: Jolene Rutherford February 12, 2020

Read 4 minutes There are many crucial factors that go into a successful product launch, whether you are developing a physical product or a digital one. From the speed with which you hit […]


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