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Pay-for-Performance SEO vs. Retainer SEO Programs

By: Ruchi Pardal June 29, 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lies at the center of digital marketing. It helps businesses in improving their online footprint and visibility. In other words, SEO efforts lead to businesses generating […]


Why do CMOs love SEO today?

By: Ruchi Pardal May 29, 2020

Unlike past times, CMO’s have a unique challenge on their hand today. They must ensure their business responds well to a crisis like COVID-19, as it can have a long-lasting […]

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Google May Update Recovery Tips and Stats

By: Ruchi Pardal May 25, 2020

Google announced another algorithm update, known officially as the “May 2020 Core Update”, began rolling out on the 4thof May, 2020. As we have seen a trend earlier as well, […]


6 Ways Covid-19 Affected Marketing

By: Ruchi Pardal April 29, 2020

That’s what I would want to call the pandemic we are currently going through. It has affected everything around us: our life, our relationships, our thought process, and our work. […]


Why You should not Stop SEO efforts During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By: Ruchi Pardal April 14, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic, life across the globe has experienced a sudden halt. Various oscillations of opinion encircle the market about the economic hit and the crisis. In fact, many […]


9 Best Tips to Boost Ecommerce Conversion Rates

By: Ruchi Pardal March 27, 2020

The eCommerce industry is facing cut-throat competition due to the increase in digitalization and online shopping. Presently, there are 12-24 million e-commerce websites around the world and is expected to […]