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Experienced Vice President with a demonstrated history of building profitable businesses from scratch up. I have the ability to build and scale up businesses on the sustainable foundation of strong, motivated teams, business relationships and efficient processes. A team player who believes in managing teams with empathy. Loves multi-tasking and solving problems on-the-go. I have a proven track record of building integrated digital marketing strategies that give business-impacting results. I love taking new challenges and playing outside my comfort zone. Skilled in strategizing performance based data driven digital marketing initiatives for both B2B and B2C businesses for clients across the globe.

Impact of Voice-based Search on Modern SEO

Impact of Voice-based Search on Modern SEO
By: Ruchi Pardal September 08, 2020

Read 4 minutes The advent of smartphones has unarguably changed the future of digital marketing. Google’s mobile-friendly updates compel companies to accept the fact that mobile is the future. Thus, companies across the […]


How to Optimize the Website for Google Featured Snippets (“Zero Position”)

By: Ruchi Pardal August 12, 2020

Read 5 minutes Who doesn’t wish to jump to the first Google ranking without a ton of backlinks and significant content updates? Featured snippets are a miraculous option to achieve this! Use the […]


How to Choose Law Firm SEO Agency?

By: Ruchi Pardal July 31, 2020

Read 4 minutes Gone are the days when people would sift through newspapers and yellow pages to look for a law firm. As the digitization has swept through every aspect of life, people […]


SEO Holy Grail – How to Outrank Amazon!

By: Ruchi Pardal July 24, 2020

Read 6 minutes Yes! Your dream is about to come true. Your website can outrank Amazon! Most maddening aspect of e-commerce is fronting the competition against established brands, and when it comes to […]


Pay-for-Performance SEO vs. Retainer SEO Programs

By: Ruchi Pardal June 29, 2020

Read 5 minutes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lies at the center of digital marketing. It helps businesses in improving their online footprint and visibility. In other words, SEO efforts lead to businesses generating […]


Why do CMOs love SEO today?

By: Ruchi Pardal May 29, 2020

Read 4 minutes Unlike past times, CMO’s have a unique challenge on their hand today. They must ensure their business responds well to a crisis like COVID-19, as it can have a long-lasting […]

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