Bing and Google’s Search Engine Share Up, February 2012: .com Score

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The number of users relying on the services of web search engines plays a pivotal role in deciding their overall abilities to produce relevant search results. As per a recent report, the number of users of both Bing and Google are rising, changing the .com score of the websites listed on their directories by a notable margin. According to the report, Google is the number one search engine used by global internet users, followed by Bing.

Google has achieved a substantial increase the number of people relying on its web search service. According to the report, over 66% of internet users use Google to find the information they are looking for. This is pretty well complemented by a rise of 15% achieved by Bing. The reports solidify the notable growth achieved by both the search engines.

The recent scores include 0.1% increase by Bing and 0.2% increase by Google. These are significant, not only because it shows the development and growth of search engines, but also shows that these search engines are now able to provide increased number of traffic to websites listed on their directories. For those who are interested in the stock share of these search engines, these reports are sure to add to the value held by the shares of these bigwigs from the search industry.

The changes in the user stats of Google and Bing for the year 2012 show the efforts and strategies being put into use by the search giants in a bid to achieve larger number of users. However, no matter who wins this race, it is safe to say that the rise in the number of users received by both the search engine is a clear indication of the increasing potential of the World Wide Web for websites looking to capture their league through enhanced web search results.

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