B2B Marketing

It’s a hard part. Setting out an effective B2B marketing strategy isn’t necessarily all that awesome if it is based on a wrong concept. B2B marketing includes a whole lot of things like sales and campaigns, digital marketing plans, identifying challenges, mobile marketing, etc. It’s time to take a plunge into our blogs and get introduced to the latest B2B marketing ideas and concepts to give a boost to sales.

5 Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns Marketers Can Learn From

By: Ruchi Pardal December 15, 2016

Read 4 minutes No matter whether you are a business owner or marketer, you would agree that marketing is the game of creative and innovative thinking! As Ian Schafer stated, “Innovation needs to […]


Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan for 2016

B2B Digital Marketing Plan
By: Ruchi Pardal March 03, 2016

Read 5 minutes If you are a business owner, then being proactive with your B2B marketing plan is pretty crucial to your company. In the race of competition, everyone is putting his or […]

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5 Mistakes that can be Dreadful for Your B2B Sales Campaign

By: Ruchi Pardal October 06, 2015

Read 2 minutes Selling a business to business is different from selling it to clients in many ways. Most business owners fail to comprehend that there must be adequate coherence between marketing and […]


8 Biggest B2B Marketing Challenges

By: Ruchi Pardal April 17, 2015

Read 3 minutes Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing encompasses activities related to marketing of products and services to enterprises, intended to propel the growth. Such kind of marketing strategy gets cracking through web portals. The […]


Can Mobile Marketing Help B2B Companies Expand Customer Reach?

By: Ruchi Pardal December 01, 2014

Read 2 minutes Considering the number of mobile users these days, it is not wrong to say that it is time for B2B businesses to become a part of mobile marketing revolution. According […]