Instagram On Website: Why and How to Embed Instagram Feed

By: Anne Griffin September 16, 2019

Read 4 minutes Introduction The journey of social communications, information-sharing, content accessing, and commercial activities has come so far with the changing social media and digital landscape. Today, interactions & shopping are highly […]


How to Use Instagram for Influencer Marketing This 2019

By: Naida Alabata August 27, 2019

Read 6 minutes It’s hard to think of the time when there was no Instagram. Instagram Stories has become a part of the daily lives of no less than 500 million people worldwide. […]

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Influencer Marketing: Investment and ROI

By: Brian Mechem November 21, 2018

Read 2 minutes With the rise of adblockers, influencer marketing seems like the only effective strategy for digital marketers. In 2018, marketers have spent almost $1.6 billion on Instagram influencer marketing alone. That’s […]


Ephemeral Vs Evergreen Content: Are The Tables Turning?

By: Alex Slichnyi August 02, 2018

Read 4 minutes The dynamic nature of social media begets a constant stream of trends and buzzwords. Currently, the latest buzz concept is ephemeral content, brought by Snapchat’s popularity. Now, other platforms like […]


10 Influencer Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

By: Brian Mechem July 02, 2018

Read 3 minutes Influencer marketing has become a hot topic for marketers today since they have realized how powerful it is. With a high ROI, as much as $6.50 for every $1, it […]


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