Sometimes, online marketing becomes pretty technical to drive sales and generate revenue. Content marketing, influencer marketing, digital marketing and else are different marketing elements. But, lack of proper ideas for marketing campaign can be good for nothing. ResultFirst brings you a seamless way to get introduced to the latest marketing concepts/trends and ideas based on industries and types and sizes of businesses. Wondering how? Let’s get through the blogs.

Emerging Voice Recognition Trends after Google Speech to Text

By: Steve Martin February 24, 2020

Read 3 minutes Voice recognition came to us after the launch of Siri in iPhone 4S by 2011. The future of technology has taken a new shape after this voice-enabled assistant by Apple. […]

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How SMS Marketing Improves Customer Experience

By: Abhyudaya Tripathi February 14, 2020

Read 4 minutes With the digital era using SMS to chat with friends and family, you can also use it for communication on business purposes. As a marketer, your goal is to meet […]


5 Tips to a Product Launch Marketing Plan for Startups

By: Jolene Rutherford February 12, 2020

Read 4 minutes There are many crucial factors that go into a successful product launch, whether you are developing a physical product or a digital one. From the speed with which you hit […]


10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2020

By: Ruchi Pardal February 06, 2020

Read 2 minutes Introduction As we enter the first quarter of a new year and a new decade, now is the perfect time to explore trends for the coming year. In this infographic, […]

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What Works Well for an Effective Communication Strategy for Start-Ups

By: Andrew Gordon January 07, 2020

Read 4 minutes Undoubtedly marketing communication strategy is the term known to every business owner and marketer. It is used to reach your target market through various types of communication. It involves the […]


Considering The Amount To Spend On Instagram Ads

By: Walter Moore November 07, 2019

Read 4 minutes It is the balance between the investment and returns that comprise any business. If the return is not considerably higher than the amount invested, then that, according to business terminology, […]


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