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Search engine marketing (SEM), a form of Internet marketing, is done to drive traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It’s the most powerful tool used for website promotion by increasing visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This blog category involves recent news and updates about SEM –latest tips and tricks tips to launch Google AdWords Campaign, strategies to improve conversion rates, etc.

A Definitive Guide for Startups: Achieving Success, Online and Beyond

By: Ruchi Pardal December 09, 2014

The rapidly-expanding web translates into a world of endless opportunities for every business, but making the most of the platform is always a challenge with more websites joining the battle […]


Why SEO Is Important for B2B Business?

By: Ruchi Pardal December 05, 2014

The prospects of B2B and B2C companies are different and so is their approach to marketing. While a lot of B2C businesses implement occasional campaigns and strategies, B2B companies use […]


Search Marketing: What is the future of SEO & Inbound Marketing

By: Ruchi Pardal December 03, 2014

In the world of uncertainty, it won’t be wrong to say that change is the only constant. However, no one can predict the future, knowing what’s going to happen right […]

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How to Gain Top Positions on Major Search Engines

By: Ruchi Pardal December 01, 2014

The customers have changed today and so are their expectations from your business. Online marketing is becoming competitive these days and gaining customers’ attention is also getting difficult. The constant […]


The Fundamentals of a Successful Inbound Marketing Plan

By: Ruchi Pardal November 28, 2014

A marketing strategy can make or break any company. Successful inbound marketing can provide a rock-solid growth that you have always wanted, whereas, a poorly strategized campaign can add to […]


Face of Lead Generation for B2B Business is Changing: Is your Business Ready?

By: Ruchi Pardal November 28, 2014

In life, or in the corporate world, one thing that is constant is change! Everything from customer behavior to marketing strategies keep changing with time, making it important for business […]