Random status updates, regular blog posts, and an ample of “likes” and “followers” are social media elements that magically grow your business. But, all these take real-time planning and dedication. Listen to your audience, share relevant message, and enable others to share your message. This makes social media success for your business. A good many others tips and tricks are there in this blog to catch your attention. Take a look!

3 Dead Simple Ways to Make Your Site Remarkable

By: Ruchi Pardal September 05, 2013

Read 2 minutes You love your site. You think it’s got everything that’s supposed to be there. But you’re only right if your site wows your audience. Rocks them. Makes them your brand […]


Preparing For The Be All And End All Social

By: Ruchi Pardal June 11, 2013

Read 3 minutes After Google’s Web-spam head Matt Cutts, in the fall of 2010, said that Google looks at social signals as an important factor in ranking a site, businesses became more and […]

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Microsoft gets heavy volume from Facebook for AOL patents

By: Ruchi Pardal May 10, 2012

Read 2 minutes As per the source, Microsoft will get $550 million cash from Facebook, because hundreds of patents are being sold by AOL. This is an attempt from the social networking company […]


A Peek-a-boo into YouTube Analytics and its predecessor Insight

By: Ruchi Pardal February 06, 2012

Read 2 minutes A Peek-a-boo into YouTube Analytics and its predecessor Insight • Discover the videos that drive the most views as well as subscriptions. • Get a better idea of your content […]

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All that you need to know about Google +1

By: Ruchi Pardal December 05, 2011

Read < 1 minute   What is the buzz all about? Google +1 is nothing less than a boon for websites, as it gives them an edge over the ones that do not make […]


Basics of Social Media Optimization

By: Ruchi Pardal November 17, 2011

Read 2 minutes Getting social while you are building an online presence is one of the best ways to work your way to recognition while you are online. If you are searching for […]

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