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Improve Website Conversion Rate Through Better UX Design

Improve Website Conversion Through Better UX Design
By: Ruchi Pardal January 12, 2016

Read 5 minutes Technological advancement brought several changes in digital marketing approaches, and one of them is CRO, the conversion rate optimization. Engagement of online audience with the website depends on its design […]


UX(User Experience) : What Marketers Needs to Understand About UX?

By: Ruchi Pardal August 24, 2015

Read 3 minutes The ever changing dynamics of the digital landscape have introduced new trends in digital marketing almost regularly. One such feature that forms an integral part of the digital world today […]

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What are the Responsibilities of Web Designers

By: Ruchi Pardal May 07, 2015

Read 3 minutes There’s a very famous dialogue from the movie Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility.” This application of the phrase is not limited to superheroes, but also holds validation for […]


3 Web Designing Job Trends in 2015 that Designers Need to Consider

By: Ruchi Pardal March 02, 2015

Read 2 minutes We are half way into the first quarter of 2015 and you may have come across a number of articles about the web design trends to look out for during […]


Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover?

By: Ruchi Pardal December 05, 2014

Read 3 minutes Creating a website is easy; however, developing a website that is designed for both computer and smart phone users is what requires effort. Although, most business owners are aware of […]


Everything Marketers Need To Know About the Future of Website Design

By: Ruchi Pardal December 03, 2014

Read 2 minutes There are some things that are so obvious and rigid that they do not change much even after a decade or two. Then, there are others identifying trends of which […]