Santa’s 7 Christmas Day Marketing Ideas You Can’t Miss

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One thing no pandemic can take away from us is our spirit to celebrate and cherish festivals. Christmas is coming and your business must leave no stone unturned to raise a toast to your customers, and the market. Stats show growing consumer trends around Christmas every year.


Remember, your stakeholders are only as enthusiastic as you are. Already brainstorming Christmas marketing ideas? Worry not! We’ve got this covered for you 🙂

Here are 7 Christmas marketing ideas straight from Santa to uplift your brand this holiday season

Make Your Online Presence more ‘Christmasy’

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And we say you go the whole nine yards with this one! From your landing pages to website’s theme and email outreach, we’d recommend you include Christmas elements in your design and communication copies.

Your homepage is probably the best point to get started. Include a large banner with a Christmas tree, Santa, presents…and you get the idea. Talented developers can add more creative elements in your brand designs to engage customers at an emotional level and keep the spirits high.

Launch a Christmas Offers Landing Page

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You may want to create a separate landing page with a catchy Christmas-themed design to promote special deals and offers for the offer. No matter if you are a consumer e-commerce brand or a B2B corporation, a separate themed presence will get you recognition plus leads traction.

E.g. you can run limited-time discount promos on products until Christmas eve and promote the landing page.

Focus on Special and Scarce

We all know about the scarcity principle. Now is the time to put it to practice. One of your Christmas marketing strategies can be selecting or curating exclusive products that are often lost in the tides of other products. Place them on single or multiple outreach channels while tagging them as an exclusive ‘holiday season special.’ People love to buy unique and memorable items, especially during festive waves.

E.g. if you are an e-commerce brand that sells shoes, you can bundle 5 exclusive pairs of boots and sell them exclusively under the ‘Christmas Special’ label. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Show Your Love on Social Media

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What time can be better to thank your customers and clients who stayed with you throughout all those years of growth? As a brand that connects its stakeholders at an emotional and personal level, you can create a social media shoutout campaign. The theme can be ‘gratitude’ whereby a simple thanks to your best customers and clients on Christmas day will earn you lots of love.

Not only will this be simple and sweet Christmas marketing, but it will also be an excellent demonstration of how much you value those involved with you. You can even mention your best employees and talk about them over social media!

Dive into Video Marketing


The holiday season is the high-time to leverage video marketing. If you haven’t tried it yet, the time has come. Video marketing works for everyone – and it works especially well amidst too much information noise. Because it is easily consumable, a nicely edited Christmas themed video can rake in bigshot branding points for you.

You can make a video about your brand, products, new product launch, etc. Hire a video producer and professional editor and get started – because Christmas is branding time.

Push more sales with Gifts


Everyone loves presents, don’t they? Imagine how much your customers will adore you when they hear something like – “Buy 1 and get a X-mas Gift” or “Free X-mas Gift worth $20 inside.’ The idea here is to create a buzz that your brand is giving away Christmas gifts with all or select products. As the offer gains traction online, you’ll notice sales dripping in soon. The gift does not have to be complicated either. It can be as simple as a voucher, a novelty, or an accessory (whatever your budget allows). You wanted Christmas marketing ideas, we just advised you to become Santa!

Drive Time-based Offers

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Limited period offers are great pretty much any time of the year. Though, a festival like Christmas kicks in the turbo and make time-based offers even more lucrative. Simply formulate an offer and place it under a countdown timer over your website or social media or both. You’ll be surprised how many clicks it garners, and how many of them actually convert. You can use marketing automation services to make it easier for you.

This idea will work effectively for consumer e-commerce brands who rely on impulse buys.

Really, you are only limited by creativity when it comes to Christmas marketing ideas. Use the above tips, gather your team and crack your business goals even before Santa sneaks in to gift us another year of hope.

Merry Christmas!

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