Common Mistakes with eCommerce Websites

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Irrespective of whether you are providing a product, service, work portfolio or launching an eCommerce storefront, your website should not just reflect your brand but should also be a central location for your business. Today, website optimization is not a problem but maintaining an optimized site is more crucial. There is absolutely no way around it.

Hence, it is extremely important to set-up your website appropriately and keep a few common factors in mind. However, trying to maintain website themselves, business face many obstacles. If you avoid these common mistakes, you can be rest assured that you have a fully integrated website that is functional and ready to handle your e-business.

Mistake #1: Design

Website design directly affects virtual presence of your business, which makes it even more important to create a simple and user-friendly website that is easy to read and browse. Some common mistakes under design include –

NO Responsive Design

Around 90% world’s consumers use small portable screens for their search and more than 60% websites do not have mobile optimization. To maximize customer reach, it is advisable to opt for responsive websites.

NO Call to Action

Without proper CTA, consumers won’t know why they are visiting the website and what your company has to offer. Give them enough information so that they can contact you if they are interested in any product or service you are providing. Also, give them a reason to visit again.

Cost affecting Updates & Development

Research shows that around 64% of business owners find no time to put necessary updates on their website and 25% say that maintaining their website on a regular basis is a big hurdle.

Mistake #2: Search visibility

If your customers are aware of exactly what they are looking for, most of them will opt to use search engine such as Google, regardless of shifting through different categories and filters. Here’s what you need to focus on to be visible on search pages –

Poor SEO

For maximum results, it is important for you to help your potential customers find your website. Research shows that around 26% of mid & small size businesses cannot be found in online search because they have earned a Google page rank of ZERO, or have no SERP.


Creating a visible presence on social media websites is as important as managing your business. Your business may be losing many customers due to lack of social media links and updates. SMO links allow you to share your business updates and also allow your customers to share their experience with your brand directly via social channels.

NO Metrics

Tracking your campaigns and results are as important as marketing your business. If you are unable to track the progress of your campaigns, you won’t understand what your customers are looking for and the way to improve your products and services.

NO Designated IT person

Businesses risk security breach, which is a costly mistake. As per study, around 44% of mid & small businesses have experienced cyber-attacks. Small businesses may not be as tech-savvy as larger companies, but they can always hire a designated IT person to keep their e-business safe.


In a nutshell, almost 1/3 of e-business owners try to maintain their website themselves, neglecting key site functions that a consumer wants. To ensure that your business does not make the above-mentioned mistakes, it is important to let a team of professionals & experts undertake the responsibility of your website so you can put all your focus on your core business issues.

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