Considering The Amount To Spend On Instagram Ads

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It is the balance between the investment and returns that comprise any business. If the return is not considerably higher than the amount invested, then that, according to business terminology, means you have incurred a loss.

The same principle applies to business marketing as well. The primary objective of business marketing is to promote the product and create a better awareness of the brand among a large audience.

Given the present scenario of business where everything seems to be digitized, all businesses conduct every operation of their business over the internet. It can be anything like:


Therefore, internet plays a significant role and has ideally become an integral part in the life of modern people, and of course the business.

Role of social media and Instagram

When it comes to business marketing, the traditional method of print and paper advertising is not the only one relied on. With the advent of technology and development in the information technology, social media plays a significant role. There are different types of social media platforms that are available and in use today such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Bing
  • Instagram to name a few among a host of them.

The main objective of the business owners of using the social media platform for their business marketing purposes is:

  • To reach out to a larger audience
  • Make a better impression in quick time
  • Tap the social followers to direct them to their website to increase traffic and thereby
  • Increase sales and business profits.

It is for this reason more and more businesses are investing more and more on social media marketing and integrating it with their traditional marketing efforts. Small businesses in particular have even gone a step further to replace the traditional marketing methods with the social media marketing. The prime reasons behind such an initiative are:

  • Social media marketing is more convenient
  • It is fast and produces results quickly
  • It is cost-effective requiring less investment as compared with other form s of business marketing and
  • There are several unique platforms to choose from, one for every business, with their own characteristic pros and cons.

Perhaps the most significant fact about social media marketing is that it comes with different tools depending on the platform chosen to enhance effectiveness and analyze the outcome to make a better plan for the future marketing efforts.

Popularity of Instagram

For any business, when it comes to using social media platforms for their marketing purposes to make the best use of social followers, no one seems better than Instagram. There are several reasons for its ever-rising popularity among the business owners such as:

  • It has the largest number of followers as compared to other social media platforms combined accounting for more than a billion in number and counting
  • It is a faster means to reach to a larger audience being a mobile operable app, most of the audience being the young generation ranging between the age group of 18 to 24 years
  • It is an essentially photo and video sharing app making it the best platform to showcase products and skills more artistically and creatively and
  • It comes with impressive features and useful tools that helps in increasing the effectiveness of the platform.

Perhaps there is no more reason required for you to integrate Instagram with your social marketing efforts.

Use of Instagram

You will gain a large number of followers automatically, provided you use the platform and its features wisely and carefully, without having to buy real Instagram likes for that matter. This means you will not have to invest unnecessarily which will add to your returns.

One such useful feature is the Instagram Ads that allows businesses to showcase their products in the most creative way. However, apart from its basic utilization, you can also use it in several different ways to gain more followers. You can use it as a means to announce and inform people about:

  • New product launches
  • Any upcoming events such as fairs and trade shows
  • Contests and sweepstakes organized by you
  • Instagram giveaways, promotions and discount offers you want to make and much more.

All these will increase your sales directly and your sales prospects indirectly as you will gain more new followers whom you can direct to your website to know about your brand and product and if interested make a buying decision. This increases your sales volume and business revenue, making your investment on marketing further high yielding.

Spending on Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is perhaps the best tool for the marketing purpose of a product or a brand but the questions is, as it is common for all business-minded people, how much exactly you should invest on Instagram Ads.

However, the amount you should invest in Instagram advertising campaigns ideally should depend on your campaign goal.

  • If it is to generate more leads you must consider the cost-per-lead
  • Compare it to other social channels and
  • Weight against your Customer Lifetime Value or CLV.

The amount to invest on Instagram Ads will also be different for different types of businesses and industry. This is because each type of business will have different needs and requirements according to which the ads should be designed which will eventually determine the cost of it.

Lastly, the amount you should spend on Instagram Ads will also depend on other goals of your business such as:

  • Whether you want to have increased click through rates
  • Whether you want to raise the awareness of your brand among the users only
  • Whether you want to increase the traffic to your website by making the users perform the actions desired by you and
  • Whether you want to increase sales in your local market or beyond it, even globally.

To sum up, irrespective of your business goals, you should also monitor and optimize your Instagram ads so that it makes your investment worthy and you make the most out of your advertising budget and fulfill your business purposes.

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