Content and SEO: Interrelation and Its Benefits

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“Try to make a site that is so fantastic you become an authority in your niche”
– Matt Cutts, Head Google’s web spam team

No matter how clichéd does it sound, the fact cannot be denied that content is definitely the king. While businesses focus on sales and investment returns, the major search engines such as Google wants to ensure that e-business owners are creating best possible user experience and offering relevant information to the readers. Investing in original and quality content creation has become essential for every online business. Gone are the days when SEO and link building were enough to create a visible presence on Google. Today, the numerous benefits of producing visitor-friendly content go beyond rankings.

Data collection and stats

• More than 92% marketers today say that content creation is extremely effective
• 50% marketers find WebPages very effective for SEO
• 76% marketers invest in content creation
• More than 27 million pieces of online content are shared everyday
• 60% content sharing messages mention brand name directly

SEO, content and the social factor involved

• Tweets help Google index content quickly
• Google says that it is working on using +1 as ranking signal
• Bing uses Facebook likes as a ranking signal for logged in users

The Brand Effect

The stats show that more than 50% of consumers select a credible brand for their purchases and the brand credibility increases if the brand name appears on the search results multiple times.

Content creation for better conversions

• More than 52% consumers claim that blogs have impacted their buying decisions
• 57% marketers have converted visitors into customers via their blog
• 42% consumers read articles and blogs to get information about a product
• 19% buyers of beauty products made purchase decisions after reading blog posts
• 61% consumers purchase goods from a brand that offers custom content on a regular basis
• 60% people say that branded content help them make better product decision

Marketer’s Forecast for SEO

• Value of quality content will continue to increase
• Effectiveness of paid links will go down
• The readability of quality posts will increase
• Impact of page level social signals that are driven by content will shine

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Today, it is not wrong to say that SEO needs quality content to survive. Every business requires spreading information in order to make sure that it reaches the audience and succeeds in gathering information.

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