5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule In 2016

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The year 2015 was the year that saw different content marketing strategies that involve recycling of contents. 2015 has proved that several organizations were running their active blogs to generate leads, but it is being expected that the tactics will be different in the year 2016.

Content Marketing Trends 2016

Online content marketing is part of digital marketing, and when it comes to digital marketing, content is the king. Content is required everywhere whether it is online news, articles, blogs, infographics, press releases, case studies, digital magazines, ads, and so on. Further, you can even find content in videos and images. Several companies offer content marketing services for business entities who want to be promoted to stay ahead in today’s challenging business environment. Content marketing involves the process of creating and distributing content over the internet for targeting and attracting the audience to encourage them to take action that may prove profitable for a business. Aside from this, websites of various companies and corporations are nothing without content as the content provides extra value to their online business and helps them to fulfill their desired objectives. Quality content makes websites more informative and grabs the attention of online users.

Read this blog to know about the content marketing trends that are going to rule in 2016.

Interactive Storytelling

Creating content syntactically correct is not enough as today readers have become smarter and they prefer only content that can hold the attention and zest of the information seekers and quest lovers. Thus, content needs to be engaging so that it could continuously maintain the attention of the reader and make the reader read the full story. A famous author Doyle Buehler highlights that interactive content helps to create a graphical story around your brand. Interactive storytelling does not mean that you have to create and narrate a story; it only means that you have to create content that contains interactive elements like factual data, graphs, survey links, images, and audio clips so that it seems authentic. Take a look at one of the classic examples of interactive storytelling – MoMA Century of the Child – that coerces online audiences to continue scrolling down their pages. Interactive storytelling will provide excellent support to your content marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new phenomenon that has emerged from various recent practices and studies. It refers to the form of marketing where several individuals have influence over potential buyers and audiences. Thus, keeping the focus on these influencers will be useful and a strategic action rather than targeting the entire market. No wonder, influencer marketing is going to be one of the significant trends that are being expected to rule in 2016. There are several reputed blogs and sources exist that most people already know, follow and admire. Publishing content on such online sources will help you to generate more traffic on the targeted websites. You will be able to target more audiences to boost the business profits for your clients.

Effective Visual Content

A famous saying is, “a picture is worth 1000 words, then you can say that a video is worth a million”. Visual content includes videos, graphics, photos, and cinema graphs and is considered the future of content marketing. With the help of appealing visual content, you can engage users in a more interactive way so that you could promote business in a better way by creating a good impact on the minds of the people. Including visual content in your content marketing plan will add an extra advantage for the business. Further, social platforms are great places to promote such visual stuff. Visual content enables one to post individual messages to set a new trend or to spread awareness among the online audience. According to a post published at semrush.com, social media with images produce 180% more engagement. Advancement in technology has made people internet-savvy, which has increased the demand and hunger for visual content like pictures and videos to explore more. Thus, visual content is another trend that will rule in 2016.

Mobile Marketing

Smartphones profoundly influence our lives, and people nowadays, love to access information on their phones whether it is reading the news or getting desired information. Mobile marketing is an excellent way to promote products and services through mobile devices. It is a next-gen trend for content marketing. It is widely practiced by traders and business organizations to target potential audiences to give a boost to their business. 95% of mobile users search for local information on their smartphones. Thus, mobile-compatible content will be highly demanded when it comes to content marketing. Several companies have developed mobile applications to promote content marketing. For an instance, a retail giant like Amazon has a mobile app with the help of which they reach their customers to boost their business.

Content Distribution

An essential part of content marketing is the proper distribution of the content. Content distribution plays a crucial role in B2B marketing; correct content distribution helps several companies to target valuable clients. Publishing content on some reliable platforms helps businesses to get a distinct identity in the market among competitors. Content distribution in a proper way will contribute to enhancing online presence by boosting traffic on the websites and enabling to expand business horizons on a global level; consequently, it will help companies to generate good revenues.

Bottom Line

The points mentioned above are the trends that will be followed in the year 2016. Companies that deal in content marketing or digital marketing will follow these trends to yield and deliver outstanding results to their esteemed clients.

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