Conversion Rate Optimization: A Guide to Convert Visitors into Customers

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Conversion Rate Optimization

From a business perspective, a website is created with an aim to compel visitors to take actions in the favor of business. A website owner naturally expects their visitors to get engaged in the registration process for a free trial or an inquiry for a paid service before they bounce back. However, the reality is several companies try hard but get failed to do so. Unlike others, certainly, you would not prefer to take chances in your business. Therefore, you need to rely on “Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).”

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A Conversion Rate Optimization is something that enables you to tweak your web pages to attract potential customers, visitors, and prospects. Don’t worry; by using appropriate tools and a dedicated hour a day, you will be able to turn your visitors into promising quality leads.

Overall, Conversion Rate Optimization can prove to be a complete game-changer for your business. Till 2015, there were only 39 percent of the marketers who considered it a priority. But, this year, it seems that marketers are planning to dedicate extra time and money for optimizing their business websites.

In this write-up, I am going to cover:

  • CRO trends to be followed in 2016
  • CRO pitfalls to avoid for assured success

Conversion Rate Optimization Trends

Businesses Will Work after Analysis Rather Sticking Up With Best Practices

In several cases, sticking up with the best practices is a good idea to achieve high success. But, I beg to differ with this point in the case of Conversion Rate Optimization. Every business is unique, and it may be possible that the things work for others may not work for you. Instead of searching tips and tricks, you have to spend your time in the analysis of your business to create an impeccable CRO strategy. After all, it’s your business.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can quickly and easily identify the areas you need to work on for your website. You will understand why your website has a low conversion rate. After getting insights from the analytics, you will be able to project your plan of action to make necessary changes to your website for attaining high conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization is not a one-time done thing, it’s an ongoing process that needs constant work, and this is what your company needs to flourish at such a high level of competition. In the world of ever-changing technology, nothing is permanent, so you need to be flexible to adapt market changes to stay ahead of the competition.

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Companies Will Improve UX for Better Conversion

User experience (UX) has become a crucial factor for enhancing conversion rates. Numerous companies have realized that a UX is a key to attaining better conversion as it induces visitors by touching their emotions.

So, don’t hesitate to invest in improving the user experience of your website. If possible, humanize your website to bring your customers and prospects closer to your business.

Clear presentation of information along with tailored CTAs is the best to enhance UX of your website. In addition to it, you can focus on your site navigation, internal linking, and sticky sidebars to make it even more appealing.

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Customers’ Journey Will Gain Preference

Companies could provide a tailored solution if they got an idea about the voyage of their target audience. You have to find out, how your customers purchase a product or avail any services? Where are they located? How do they approach? What are their requirements?

These are some critical questions for which you need to find answers. If you successfully identify your customers’ journey, then you will be able to offer them as per their need that in turn will boost your conversion rate.

Therefore, this year, companies will be looking more focused in researching and analyzing their buyers’ journey.

Extensive Use of Videos is Expected to see

A video is a form of interactive content that can dramatically boost the UX of your website. Use of videos can increase the overall engagement which in turn improves the chances of lead generation and conversion. Further, you can expect to see the extensive use of videos this year too.

Take a glimpse at this impressive stat for videos:

Worldwide, around 9 percent of the marketing professionals mark a video as the most effective content with the best ROI.

While using videos, don’t forget to place a tailored CTA to induce audience for taking actions immediately after watching a video. In your video, try to showcase the best features of the things you offer to let your prospects know how your products/services helped your patrons.

Quality A/B Testing Will Grab the Center Stage

Days of hit and trial methods are gone. It’s time to perform some quality A/B testing to increase the conversion rate of your website. A/B testing allows companies to make crucial changes in the two different versions of the same page to observe which one is working fine. After analyzing the performance, they pick the best one to implement it on the site to fuel the conversion rates.

The decision for implementing the best version depends on the visitors’ feedback.

Website Personalization Using CRO Redesign Practices

In the year 2016, companies will focus to personalize pages as per users’ requirements to increase the UX. Without proper research and analysis, integrating too many features can cause failures.

The best example of this is Marks & Spencer in 2014, as its revenue decreased by 8 percent after redesigning the website for £150m.

So, be sure about the changes you are planning to make on your site and work as per basic CRO redesign principles to make your site perfect.

Conversion Rate Optimization Pitfalls to Avoid in 2016

Making Your CTA Difficult To Find

CTA is a final element of your website that helps you convert your qualified prospects into customers. Whatever be the purpose behind your CTA, whether it’s a registration form or a free service for something, it should be easy to find.

Most of the times, customers can’t find the expected CTA, and that may decline your conversions.

Making your CTA hard to find will let your visitors and buyers play guessing games that can harm your business. So, make it very clear, presentable, actionable, and place it at an appropriate position.

Failing in Establishing Trust

Trust is the most crucial factor for improving conversions, failing to do so may end all your efforts in a fiasco. Publishing reviews and testimonials of your existing clients/customers project a positive image of your brand that in turn increases the trust factor.

If you are not taking this factor seriously, then it may be an end of the story for your business.

Eliminating Discounts

Small discounts and additional benefits encourage buyers to complete a transaction. Providing small discounts can boost your conversion rate. It is not possible to give a discount to every customer, but you can do it for your regular customers.

Offering discount coupons, extending trail period, product return, money backs are some excellent examples to attract potential buyers towards your brand.

Do Not Oversell

Too much of something always causes harm, and you know that. Therefore, do only needful things for your business, but never try to do overdo anything.

In the same way, performing some activity that cannot give any the fruitful results will be a waste of your valuable time and efforts. For instance, creating a compelling CTA is pretty essential but don’t oversell your product. If you do so, you can lose your customers permanently.

To convert your prospects into a permanent customer, you need to explain correctly the value of the things you offer, what makes your offer so unique, and how it separates you from the crowd. Try to showcase things in bullets, if possible. If your site is developed in WordPress, then you can use a premium plugin like Envira Gallery that can list features brilliantly.

Not Adding Importance

Shopping cart abandonment during an online purchase is quite natural. However, there may be several factors behind it. Maybe a buyer leaves because he/she finds something confusing. Therefore, keep every single detail pretty clear.

Moreover, for inducing buyers to complete the purchase process, it is important to add an urgency note. If you ignore to add urgency, it can affect your conversion rate.


If you follow and apply the points mentioned above in your business, then undoubtedly, you will be able to attain high conversion rates. Good conversion rate optimization refers to good revenue. Therefore, start optimizing your website today for attaining good conversion. I hope you will like this post. Don’t forget to drop your comments below.

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