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Digital marketing guide to mothers day

Knock! Knock! Mother’s Day is coming in the very next month, and people have started planning to make this day special and memorable for their mothers, grandmothers, spouses, sisters, daughters, relatives, and friends.

Being engaged in business, what are you planning to make the most of this coming Mother’s Day? If you haven’t planned anything yet, then start planning now as you don’t have the enough time left.

But, why am I emphasizing you to promote your brand on Mother’s Day? Take a glimpse at this striking information. (Source: Bing ads)

Digital marketers guide to mothers day

Besides this, take a look at these crucial statistics that depict last year’s percentages for the shoppers plan to buy gifts more than just their moms. (Source: Bing ads)

Digital marketers stats mothers day

In today’s stiff competition, every business entity is well aware of  the art of snatching opportunities, and you can sense it with the way companies promote their brands on special occasions to capture maximum attention.

Promoting brand on special occasions/events has become in vogue, and experts call it a part of Real-Time Marketing. Every year Mother’s Day brings a remarkable opportunity for the companies to boost their engagement rates and sales.

In my one of the previous blogs, I showed Ten Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ever. And, this write-up will unveil the 6 best digital marketing campaigns run by companies to achieve highest brand engagement rates to boost sales.

Ideas to Attract Customers

Before getting into the details of the best digital marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day, just take a look at this bonus information that will help you to attract customers.

Leverage Email Marketing

Tip: Remind your existing clients. Use compelling subject line, create content that touches nerves, and compel your recipients to pay attention.

Use Social Media Platforms

Tip: Think creative to start social media campaign using the most relevant hashtags. Further, you can organize a social media contest, provide tips to followers to make the day memorable, or offer a special discount.

Rely on Your Business Website

Tip: Design a web page to organize engaging activities and invite your followers to participate for winning exciting prizes.

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Now, here I am mentioning my best picks for Inspiring Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas for Mother’s Day.

Seeds [Through Google Glass]: “Thank you, Mom”

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Google posted a video “Seeds [through Google Glass]” to increase the brand awareness and product. A 23 years old boy shot this heartwarming video in 10 days in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and India. In this video, he showed his journey to India so that he can surprise his mother with an unexpected visit and the news of this wife’s pregnancy.

The video touched the nerves of millions and inspired them to use Google Glass. The video undoubtedly took Google at the center of the Mother’s Day conversation and also help to strengthen the relationship with existing customers and audience.

I must say, it was a smart move by Google.

Hallmark’s #PutYourHeartToPaper

Hallmark, a leading manufacturer of greeting cards in the United States had launched a series of eight videos on the occasion of Mother’s Day to grab all the attention. All eight videos contain heavy emotional content over humor.

All the efforts behind any campaign can go into the vein if it is not executed in a proper manner. A smart brand is one who can drive massive engagement towards it without letting the audience know the motive behind it.

The brand did an excellent job by simply putting the emotional elements of life that attracted and encouraged its customers and followers to open up on the same. It helped hallmark to fortify the relationship with the audience.

Maidenform’s Campaign

Maidenform, a US based leading manufacturer of women’s undergarments, had set the goal to increase brand awareness up to 2 folds. They created sweepstakes driven campaign and relied on social channels for its execution.

The campaign was interesting in which, users were asked to share a photo with their mothers. Further, they had to describe how their mothers have “shaped” them by using hashtag #MFShapesMe.

Maidenform’s Campaign

This campaign helped Maidenform to not only become the center of attraction but also leave an impact in the minds of their audience.

Pandora’s Unique Connection

Pandora, an international Danish jewelry manufacturer, took a different path on Mother’s day. They had created a video to attract audience towards their new line of personalized Mother’s Day jewelry.

In this video, some children are blindfolded and spun around their mom, and they have to find their mom by feeling their faces and hands. The idea was the perfect mix between sappy and lighthearted. This video can bring a smile to your face when you see how each child correctly identifies the feeling of their mother’s face.

The idea worked so well, as the brand succeeded at aligning emotional sweetness with the product.

Minute Maid’s Campaign

Famous beverage brand Minute Maid also cashed out the occasion of Mother’s Day and attained massive engagement. They created a video in which they asked real parents how well they were playing their part. The parents were in doubts and had no idea what their kids would say? But, words from their kids had touched their hearts and changed their minds.

Minute Maid had put brilliant efforts towards realizing parents that they are doing better than they think and inspired kids to send their moms and dads that they are #doingood. The content of this video has a tremendous ability to connect you immediately and can even make you cry.

Mother Dairy’s Campaign

Mother Dairy, an Indian company delivering healthy milk since 1974. On the occasion Mother’s Day, they posted a video that describes how two small kids took their collected money to present a gift to their mother. But, they do not have adequate money to purchase a gift for their mother. Finally, they buy a bouquet and gift it to their mother with a glass full of mother daily milk and cookies.

Don’t miss the end of this pretty short and sweet video.

So in this way, Mother Dairy had shown people how you can find happiness in small things.


The digital marketing campaign ideas, which I highlighted above shows how smartly brands cash out the occasion of Mother’s day. I hope, these ideas will encourage you to think and create something similar for your business.

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