Digital Marketing Tips for Your Shopify Store in 2023

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Digital marketing of a Shopify store can be difficult, especially when you’re busy trying to offer products that meet the needs of your customers, keeping up with your competition, and generally running every part of your Shopify store.

A Digital Marketing Company can be contacted to help out with this aspect of the Shopify store but here are some tips for you.

Turning FAQ into Content

If you receive many queries a day about different aspects of your service and the vast majority are general questions, and the answer you think will help not only that particular user, but also other people who have the same question, we suggest you spend time on it.

The best thing is that for each question of a client, you answer in a special way, and you dedicate time and effort to give a perfect answer. This response, in addition to sending it to this user, you can publish it on your blog. For what? To help other clients and Google. When Google or any other search engine indexes this content it helps your Search Engine Optimisation so that new potential customers can use Google to find your answers and then link back to your Shopify store.

As the answer contains very useful information, these new customers take your brand as a reference and begin to see (and finally buy) your products.

This mechanism of transforming the traditional FAQ section into a blog post where posting all your answers can help you with content marketing.

Social Networks: Strategy of Shopify Stores

Today, social media has really revolutionized marketing and has the ability to build a brand image with little or no financial investment. Success in social marketing starts with good content. Make sure your content is clear, unique, and targeted to your audience.

Also be sure to vary the types of content; a mix of photos, videos and text. A great help to manage your profile on social networks is to use a third-party platform to preload your publications.

This of course should not apply to all your content, you should save a small number of spontaneous posts, but in general, any campaign or content can be planned and scheduled in advance for greater efficiency.

Campaigns With Influencers

An important tool for growth (and by extension, brand recognition creation) is to hire influencers to replicate your message on their social channels. In many cases, it will so happen that the influencers will charge a fee to promote your product, but still it is totally worth it as many famous influencers have more than a million followers and your message will reach to those million people in exchange for the fee paid by you.

You can also drive traffic, brand recognition, and sales by submitting a free product to an influential blog.

This builds relationships that can lead to new opportunities. Similar to influencer marketing, it allows you to gain brand recognition along with high-quality referral traffic and backlinks.

Use Real Customer Cases in Your E-commerce

Real cases are the best way to convince potential buyers. Plus, real cases are a great way to strengthen your customer relationship, and create great content for Search Engine Optimization positioning.

Take Advantage of Your Team in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many business owners forget that if they have a team, you can take advantage of it to help spread the word about their business.

Offer staff something specific to talk to and share with their networks, for example, an exclusive discount they can share with their friends via email or social media. Make sure it’s substantial, so your team is motivated to share it.

Create an Email List

A new online store must maintain a list with the email of its customers from the beginning. It is one of the best way to get a loyal group of customers which will continuously increase your sales. Email addresses can be collected from the contact form on your website and through the registration system. This allows sending newsletters with information about new products, discounts, discounts.

Facebook Ads

The best way to increase initial brand recognition that you can find is advertising on Facebook. Blogging, social media and getting touch with an influencer takes time, for fast traffic, advertising is the quick fix. You get excellent ROI without spending as much as you would on Google AdWords.

Long-Tail Keywords

Create a fully keyword-optimized website that includes all high-volume keywords and, most importantly, longtail keywords that are relevant to your products and industry.

Your long-tail keywords will give you initial traction on Google, so apply them to your specific landing pages and product pages. Using AdWords can be beneficial in getting initial leads as well. However, getting leads doesn’t necessarily turn into conversions, so focus on the customer experience when designing your online store.

Personalization: Creation of the Buyer Persona

Different audience groups need different messages. Digital marketing makes customization easy. Our advice is to create different key messages for each target audience group. Personalization highlights the uniqueness of each audience group. This is especially important in the case of Facebook Ads.

Create a Hook

Unfortunately, consumers aren’t going to immediately trust your business or brand and buy – that’s not how it works today. Our advice is to give your audience something of value first: a discount code, a gift.

Using LinkedIn to Increase Traffic

Do you know LinkedIn Pulse? When opening the LinkedIn application, the option to “write an article” is presented. Then the Linkedin “Pulse” application opens. A very simple and easy to use blog platform. It’s like having a blog on Linkedin.

Allow a small business article or publication to be viewed by a large audience. Recommended by LinkedIn is to post between 800 and 2,000 words. The most important thing is to only publish content that is practical, useful and provides significant value for the end consumer.

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