Dos & Don’ts of #HASHTAGS#: Understand the Etiquette

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We live in a world that is consumed by social media. According to recent reports, an average of 58 million tweets is shared every day. This undoubtedly makes twitter a social media giant, allowing anyone with basic knowledge of computers to share instant information in just 140 characters or less. Considering the number of tweets, hash tags can definitely help marketers and advertisers track conversations. For any average user, hash tags can be used to join social movements, get news on the current events, relate to certain cultures and topics, as well as express themselves.

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Hash tags, if used properly, can lead your content or posts to a larger audience that is more likely to read, share and spread your message; however, an incorrect usage of hash tag can reduce the importance of information shared. Following list do’ s and don’ts for hash tagging your content helps you do the best utilization of hash tags to improve and nurture your growing web presence.


• Whenever you get a chance, pair your hash tags with images. It helps your images to reach maximum customers.
• It is advisable to use at 2 -3 hash tags per post. However, it is advisable not to use too many hash tags as it may distract your audience and your message may get lost.
• If you use a hash tag that connects to the content you are sharing, it may help you gain additional followers and come up with new content.
• Tweet about trending topics and take advantage of trending hash tags that relate to your content.


• The concept of hash tags is created to connect your post with the audience of interest, not to be your post.
• Trying to replace quality content with hash tags is definitely a foolish move.
• Using #hashtag #with #too #many #word #in #your #post will cause you more harm than good.
• Do not #uselonghashtagsthatarehardtoread. Keep them concise.
• Do not use hash tags if they do not connect to the topic or Tweet you have shared.


Following the above-mentioned basic guidelines should undoubtedly help you create a successful hash tag social media strategy for Twitter. Start using correct hashtags with your posts and make the most of your content marketing strategy.

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