6 eCommerce SEO Tactics to Boost Boxing Day Sales

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eCommerce SEO Tactics to Boost Boxing Day Sales

The aura of Boxing Day can be sensed in the environment.  It is yet another excellent opportunity for e-commerce businesses to stand apart in the crowd with some custom search engine optimization campaigns. As a business, you need to set eCommerce SEO tactics for your online stores. Why? Because each year, shoppers spend billions during BOXING DAY WEEK. And this year, the volume of online shoppers will be very high.

Why Is SEO Important for eCommerce Businesses for Boxing Day?

Primarily known as a SHOPPING HOLIDAY, Boxing Day is among the most profitable periods of the year for businesses. And customers are anticipated to start shopping early this year.

According to National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday season sales in the USA have been growing at an average of 4.9% every year from 2011 to 2021.

For instance, 2021 holiday retail sales quashed the record of 2020 by growing at an annual rate of 8.2%. It came despite challenges triggered by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, supply shortages, and inflation wreak.

eCommerce Sales Statistics

While the situation looks better this year, people may be willing to shop online. Given that, online retailers or eCommerce businesses have abundant possibilities to get new customers. On the other hand, advertising competition will be high.

You too need to prepare with the best eCommerce SEO to remain ahead of your competitors. Give your search engine optimization approach a serious thought and find the best SEO agency that can help you rank those sales numbers and bring you more customers. 

However, till the time you’re not able to find an SEO company, see what you can take away from these top eCommerce SEO strategies to boost Boxing Day sales in 2022.

eCommerce SEO Tactics to Boost Boxing Day Sales

#1 Create a Boxing Day Landing Page

Boxing Day landing page

Creating a boxing day landing page is a winning idea. Spruce it up.

This is the first page your audience will see when searching for Boxing Day offers on your website. This is the page that guides visitors to find whatever promotion or offers they are looking for. The page is also helpful for significant SEO rankings.

Consider the below points to create a high-converting landing page:

  • Create an attractive and engaging page 
  • Use concise headlines that attract attention.
  • Choose relevant keywords that maximize conversion rates
  • Add CTAs, write effective ad copy to entice customers
  • Highlight all your discounts and promotional offers on the page
  • Create banners to advertise your best products and sales 
  • Add a timer to count down the seconds until a time-sensitive sale goes live

To look for relevant keywords that best fit your landing page, use keyword research tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, Soovle and more.

#2 Launch a Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing means targeting those consumers who visited your website previously. It is a powerful eCommerce SEO ingredient to boost Boxing Day Sales and get widely recognized. 

Why is remarketing important?

  • According to Truelist, It can generate 40% of sales revenue.
  • As per Skai, Consumers are 70% likely to convert with the remarketing campaign.
  • 70% of marketers use retargeting to enhance brand awareness reports IAB

Types of Effective Retargeting


Understand the logic behind a remarketing campaign with this scenario.

  • A visitor comes to your website close to Boxing Day and checks a particular product.
  • He exists from the page without buying the product.

It signals that the visitor is waiting for the product to go on sale with a discount and offer.

Many customers typically plan their shopping around massive promotions or sales. 

The catch is that, 

  • Track which products or items customers are viewing the most
  • Set up your boxing day ads with a special deal and offer on the same products 

This will allow you to target your customers directly.

Let’s look at an example. If someone on your eCommerce website checks a gaming laptop before leaving the page, you must launch a 25% to 30% flat discount or offer off coupon for Boxing Day on the same product. 

See the below image for your reference.

Lenovo offer

#3. Design Evergreen SEO Landing Pages

When we discuss the eCommerce SEO Strategy for HOT BOXING DAY SALES, we can’t turn blind eyes to ever-green deals pages. 

Besides a normal landing page, you can create an evergreen SEO landing page to remain relevant and fresh to holiday consumers. This improves rankings for more visibility and turns clicks into buys.

While Boxing Day comes one day a year, your evergreen SEO landing page can get the word out to your target audience months in advance about your Boxing Day perks.

So, identify in your keyword research process the best holiday deal and create a singular deals page for each holiday deal permutation. This way, you’ll have to maintain only one page that you need to update on a yearly basis. 

You will be able to accrue links year-over-year instead of choosing to ‘reset’ with each boxing day every year. 

For instance,

Instead of designing a new page every year targeting ‘Boxing Day 2022 Deals’, ‘Thanksgiving 2022 Deals’etc., create just a single ‘boxing day deal’ page and update it every year. But, the page should be built based on the understanding of what type of content Google is rewarding. 

Trust, me you’ll save a lot of time, effort, and resources. Not to mention, you can mitigate a lot of the stress and challenges you’d experience if you have to do this process every holiday season.

#4. Set Up Boxing Day Gift Pages

Like a powerful evergreen landing page, set up a Boxing Day gift page. But, wait a second. First, consider what category makes sense for the upcoming holiday season. 

  • Design pages related to ‘best gifts for employees on Boxing Day,’ ‘best boxing day gift for teens,’ best gift for friends,’ and so on.
  • Or choose a topic like ‘Top 10 gifts employers can choose for their staff’ for your blog

Be careful enough and ensure your Gift Pages, Page Title, and Meta Description match the upcoming shopping holiday. The best is that you can use these gift pages for Christmas Day and another holiday sale by just making a few changes.

  • Find any old content that is relevant for holidays.
  • Rewrite it to meet the upcoming shopping holiday
  • Optimize title and meta description by using relevant keywords
  • Write proper product descriptions
  • Improve the product images

Link all previous holiday season pages like last year’s New Year pages or other landing pages to earn some bounty points. Give Google and other search engines enough time to follow your links and find your specific holiday season landing pages in time.

Refer to our Ultimate Guide to SEO for eCommerce Websites

#5. Make an Opt-In VIP List

Creating an opt-in VIP list is another important element of eCommerce SEO. For your Boxing Day sales, prioritize those customers who shop twice and thrice throughout the year on your site. Pull their database.

  • Create a private login for them
  • Or tag their account in your database to allow only their access to custom offers.
  • To let them experience an easy claim, make sure their billing address and email are matching the account in your database.
  • Send these VIPs an email. Ask them to opt-in to a private area or email list where you’ve released all Boxing Day Deals
  • Tell them these custom offers are only for them because they’re one of your preferred customers
  • Also, let them know that the offer is not available to others. 

Please note that some customers may try to get their friends to shop. Since the email address and billing address won’t match, the deals won’t apply and your VIPs will learn it is an exclusive offer.

#6. Create a Hashtag for Boxing Day Sales

Nothing gets worded around like a Twitter or Instagram hashtag. Your SEO strategies should include the creation of a special hashtag that includes any Boxing Day deals and brand name. 

Share your blogs and articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for greater brand engagement through likes, comments, shares, and new followers. 

According to INC

  • Brands can see a 50% increase using #hashtags.
  • Tweets with one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted.

You need to try out something like

  • #Yourbrand40%off
  • #BoxingDayatYourBrand
  • #50%offOnYourFavoriateItem

On top of that, go for a generic popular hashtag such as #BoxingDay2022 and take advantage of the organic traffic generated by it. Remember to stay consistent with publishing posts and stories and add your special hashtag to each one. This will allow your followers to remember your special offers.

Over to You

Framing eCommerce SEO strategies to boost Boxing Day sales could be difficult. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You need to enhance your website ranking, boost organic traffic, and target the right customers. These 6 eCommerce SEO tactics can help achieve your goal and boost Boxing Day sales. They’re the right approach for your online stores as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

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