Emerging Voice Recognition Trends after Google Speech to Text

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Voice recognition came to us after the launch of Siri in iPhone 4S by 2011. The future of technology has taken a new shape after this voice-enabled assistant by Apple. Further, with the launch of Google speech-to-text online, better innovations have finally modernized the year 2020 with futuristic trends to follow.

According to Quoracreative, 50% of the searches all over the internet are going to be voice-based by 2020. It also believes 30% of the searches are going to be held without the use of a screen. The audio marketing trends and statistics are predicting this year to be a pro in speech-to-text online.

Here are some of the most appreciable and must-to-follow trends for the current year of voice recognition.

More Smart Speakers

The global voice-based market revenue is most likely to cross 30 billion USD by 2024. While in 2018, the house penetration of smart speakers was 13% in the US, it is estimated to rise to 55% by the year 2022. It turns out smart speakers as essential gadgets for everyday use.

According to the Adobe Analytics of 2018, 70% of consumer’s voice search basic revolved around music, 64% around weather forecast, and 53% for fun questions. Besides this, 47% of users consumed it for online searching, 46% for news, and 34% for asking directions.

Smartphone Voice Assistants

At least 60% of smartphone users tried the voice recognition feature in 2019. People in the US are getting familiar with smart speakers and using them for basic tasks. The feature of speech-to-text online has enabled individuals to undergo various activities effectively.

Amazon’s Alexa in the Amazon shopping app is one of the best ways you can find audio marketing getting successful. 10% of smartphone users are more likely to use the voice assistant. Among these, about 27% of users’ consumer the feature of a smartphone voice assistant.

Automotive Voice Recognition

Audio marketing trends have already taken over the motor industry. You can find the latest cars with a must-have voice assistant. 2020 is going to have cars that will respond to you and talk back in situations. Besides Alexa and Google Assistant, vehicles opt this feature to assist drivers.

One of the practical benefits you will understand with this trend is online guidance in emergencies. In case you are restricted to the internet or GPS connection, it will help you out.

Voice-Enabled Smart TVs

Voice recognition is expanding in every field. Wherever possible, science is replacing text with voice for a better experience. After the launch of LG Smart TV, voice-enabled televisions are the next trend for 2020. The simplicity of voice-controlled TVs is going to attract many individuals this year.

Gradually, you will come across more features of smart TV. With the remote control getting old, vocal commands are saving time of many. The first implementations have already played their role; further advancements will enter the industry with refined microphone arrays and a lot more.

Rise of Audio Marketing

This year, marketers are focusing on audio marketing trends with emerging voice recognition strategies. While smart speakers and smartphones are making the use of vocal assistants common, eCommerce ventures are seeing a successful growth of their business.

Email marketing is a traditional way of reaching out to the maximum audience. In this case, 31% of Gmail users are more likely to own smart speakers. It is an excellent opportunity for email marketers because of the ability of Amazon’s Alexa to read out emails to the consumer.

Vocal Online Shopping

The Google speech-to-text online feature is making life easier in every possible way. Among all the audio marketing trends for 2020, you will always find eCommerce shopping at the top of the list. These are some statistics for vocal recognition in eCommerce.

  • 8% of individuals are using vocals for purchasing apparel.
  • 17% of electronics consumers are using vocal commands.
  • 19% of entertainment lovers are opting voice-based orders.
  • 20% of orders for grocery shopping are voice-based.

The overall consumer spending via voice-enabled assistants is most expected to reach 18% by 2022.

2020 – A Vocal Year for All

With all the advancements taking place in voice recognition, you will see great things coming your way in 2020. The leap year is already inflow; therefore, start counting on the futuristic possibilities that are about to come true!

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