Employee Retention and Skill Development in the Digital Marketing Environment- Why and How?

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Some businesses are continuously vying for the best talent, and there are some who have the mindset that every employee is replaceable. Although, a business can do away with any person irrespective of his or her position, but does such a mindset hold true in today’s highly competitive environment?

How will a business fill the gap when someone in a critical position leaves? Sometimes, the gap can never be filled, or better still, is tough to fill. A progressive and growth oriented business should do whatever it takes to retain their key people. Your team is as valuable as the business itself. Let’s see the need for employee retention and training in a digital marketing environment:

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Attrition Is Costly

It is not always easy to find the right person for the job. The organization may have to train people on the particular skill set they may need. It is time-consuming, and the organization may have to dedicate resources for the purpose. When highly proficient and trained people leave the organization due to any reason, it may be very costly for the organization to find the replacement and then retrain them.

Besides, if a company is scared of socializing with their key people and doesn’t recognize their social needs, they won’t be together with the company either. The environment should be congenial enough to motivate employees to adopt any changes, where their ideas and creativity are welcomed, and there are fewer barriers in sharing of thoughts.

Some facts will underline the importance:

  • Almost 40 percent employees believe that their organization isn’t collaborative enough
  • Nearly 86 percent executives cite lack of communication for workplace failures.
  • MIT research suggests that socializing outside a formal environment is the strongest factor in team building and its success.

The society is changing, and the younger generation has many choices, where they can work and prove their capabilities. The older generation might be thinking of the lack of loyalty to the younger ones but what they find difficult to understand is that people are loyal to companies that care and develop a culture of openness, and where collaboration overtakes tight roles. This is particularly the case in a digital marketing environment where the average age of employees is below 30 and the restlessness in higher than anywhere else.

Retention is The Way Ahead

Most of the multinational companies have realized the importance of keeping their herd together. Retaining the team is necessary, and employee retention training is not limited to the human resource department only. Even the managers need to know its importance and help in creating an environment where employees participate in the organization with motivation and prefer to stay back, not because they’re asked to do so, but because they like to do so. Some of the ways to retain people are:

Creating an Inviting Work Environment

It is one area where most of the attention needs to be paid. An environment which drives the employees to participate in the organization’s growth actively is what is required as soon as any newcomer joins the organization. New employee orientation for any digital marketing agency mandates increased motivated participation from them. An environment that can boost their morale will reflect in their productivity.

Wages That Motivate

Employee wages vary within the organization and the industry as well. A well-paid employee is motivated enough to put in that extra effort for the company. If you have a budget to pay more, it is better to reward those who go that extra mile for the enterprise. This is more important for a younger organization where people change jobs sometimes only for money.

Recognition and Promotions

Employees, who don’t get proper credit for their work, are most likely to remain demotivated, and this may result in a gradual departure from the organization. People stay with the organization where they can grow and are cared for. Promoting deserving people is a must and leaves a very positive impact on them, and in an agency environment, higher growth means longer stay.

Embracing Flexibility & Understanding

The new generation in full of energy, and want the world in their way, and in the field of digital marketing where creativity is required more, being flexible is welcome primary motivation factor for employees. It is also important to understand that employees have a life outside the workplace. Most of the younger employees want to devote time to their hobbies, friends, and family. In a digital marketing agency, work-from-home or flex days can help employees get that freedom. No-one wants to work in a nine-to-five stringent environment, and employees want to work in an organization that gives them more freedom of expression and work.

Training and Development Helps Learn New Things

Motivated employees want to do more. Learning is a continuous process, and any new training and coaching will contribute to achieving more. For example, in a digital marketing firm where the focus is more on creativity, a sales coaching will make your team more customer oriented. Armed with new skills, trained employees can take the organization to newer heights. So whether you are an agency or any other business, focus on keeping your flock together and motivate them to earn more by doing more.

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